How to Get Your Pilot’s License – Step-by-Step Guide, Advice and More

If you meet a couple of survivalists and preppers for the first time, all of them will have a shared knowledge of various skills. If they don’t already possess these skills, they will most likely learn them already or save up money for tutorials. These skills range from weapons handling to medical first aid administration.

However, one skill that most survivalists will be happy to learn but are rarely chanced on is the ability to fly a plane. Professional and commercial pilots study for a long time to get their pilot’s licenses, and they have to spend quite a lot of money to pass through this training.

However, you don’t have to go through this rigorous process if you are a survivalist learning how to fly a plane in case of emergencies. Obtaining a Private License is a straightforward process, and once you have the money and the time to complete the short training, you would have your Private Pilot License in no time.

This article has provided you with a step-by-step guide you can follow to obtain your pilot’s license. Enjoy!

How to Get Your Pilot’s License

Fit Into the Categories

Before you begin the process of getting your Private Pilot License, you have to make sure that you fit into all the categories below

  • You need to have free time and money
  • You have to be in perfect health
  • You have to be at least 17 years of age
  • You have to be able to speak, write and read English

Now that you have the background requirements let’s take a look at what you need to do to obtain your pilot’s license.

Hire a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

When you first started learning how to drive, someone with a license (dad, driving instructor) taught you how to drive and was always with you until you could get your license. It is the same with flying; you have to find a certified flight instructor whose schedule and fees fit your timetable and budget.

You could hire online and study with this instructor privately, or you could go to a formal grounding school. The bottom line is that it will cost money to hire because your instructor will be spending a lot of time with you.

It is essential to find someone with who you can learn comfortably. If you didn’t want an overcritical driving instructor, you would probably despise an overcritical CFI.

Go for a Medical Checkup and Obtain a Clean Medical Certificate

This is not like your ordinary medical checkup. You would have to do a full physical, and you cannot just complete the process at your local hospital. The physician has to be an FAA-authorized Aviation Medical Examiner.

Completing this medical is part of the requirements you have to meet before you can be given a student license card. Without this license, you would not be allowed to fly.

Begin Your Training: Get At Least 40 Hours of Flight Time

After you have secured your student license, you should begin your training in earnest. If you have the money, you can spread out the number of hours required to log. However, if you want to complete the training process quickly, you should discuss it with your CFI and be ready for the hard work.

You would be taught and tested on various techniques; this is supposed to span for 40 hours total, but people take longer than that to master the flight process fully. You should spend at least 20 hours flying solo and 10 hours with your instructor during the training phase.

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Pass the Airman Knowledge Exam

If you have trained to be a pilot over a certain period, the authorities will want to know that you learned all the necessary things. Before you can take this knowledge exam, your CFI has to approve and endorse your logbook. Once this has been done, you can go and take the exam.

The exam lasts for two and a half hours, and you need to score 70% to pass. Taking free sample months before the exam will give you a better chance of passing the exam on your first try.

Pass Your Check Ride With a Designated Examiner

This is the final hurdle you have to cross before securing your Private Pilot License. You will be required to take an oral exam with a designated examiner. The examiner will ask you a broad range of questions, and then you will go for your check ride. The examiner might change your route during the check ride, and he will ask you a lot of questions.

At this point, you should feel free to ask any questions you want. You can learn things that your CFI might have missed out on or other essential information about flying. The designated examiner is usually far more experienced than the CFI.

Get Your License and Keep Flying

Now that you have completed your training, you can get your license and fly anytime you want. If you want to keep the license, you have to keep your medical records up to date, and you have to complete a flight review every two years. At this point, you can choose to acquire commercial piloting certification, and then you can fly planes for money.

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When Preppers Fly: How to Get Your Pilot’s License


All preppers should learn how to fly planes to acquire pilot’s licenses. Knowing how to fly a plane puts you at an advantage during periods of disasters and unrest. You can choose to fly your family and friends to a safer location. You can also decide to help disaster relief agencies to get help and materials to affected people.

The bottom line is that you would always be needed and as a survivalist, that is the best way to survive. This article has presented you with practical steps to obtaining a pilot’s license. The process is very straightforward; all it requires is a physical checkup, a fair amount of money, and your time.

If you are in a position to learn how to fly a plane and acquire a license, you should. Cheers!

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