Where is David Earl Burgert: Reknown Survivalist Militia Leader – Everything You Need to Know

The United States has the most advanced security network in the world. If they declare you wanted, staying out of their radar will require a certain amount of expertise and luck.

However, a handful of survivalists have managed to evade capture. They stay away from places with satellite networks and camera coverage, and they move with swiftness at the slightest threat of danger.

Osama Bin Laden managed to stay away from the hands of justice for ten years before he was finally killed. If his crime didn’t involve killing almost three thousand people, perhaps the political will to catch him would have waned, and he will still walk free today.

Osama Bin Laden did not walk free, but someone else did; David Earl Burgert. David Earl Burgert’s crime is nothing compared to Osama bin Laden’s, but that doesn’t change the fact that today, security agencies are still asking, “Where is David Ear Burgert?” This article will discuss David Earl Burgert’s life, how he became a fugitive, and his possible current location. Enjoy!

Who is David Earl Burgert?

David Ear Burgert was a former United States Soldier born in January 1964 in the city of Ohio. He served in the military before settling down to a quiet life in Missoula County, Montana. It is believed that his time in the military led him to have anti-government tendencies.

While he was in Montana, he masterminded and formed an anti-government group known as Project 7 Militia. This militia was a small group of people whose purpose was to cause an all-out revolution that would lead to leaders’ death across all government sectors in the United States.

In 2002, the government started an investigation into the project 7 militia, and David was convicted of a federal weapons violation. He was said to have a paranoid personality disorder and other mental illnesses that he might have picked up during his time in the military.

David Earl Burger and his militia were not famous among the people of Missoula county. He was often described as an aggressive neighbor, a bully, and a thug. Even with all these negative qualities, David Earl Burgert is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant survivalists of our time.

How did David Earl Burgert become a fugitive?

If you wonder how David Earl Burgert became one of the most brilliant survivalists of the 21st century, then read this story with a little more attention.

Like we said earlier, David and his neighbors were not very friendly, and this would come back to haunt him. In the 2011 summer, David was driving his jeep in Lolo, Montana. He was violating multiple traffic laws, and someone called the police and reported him for driving irresponsibly. Unknown to the person or the police,

David was drunk, and the jeep he was driving contained guns and other high-grade weapons in the trunk. When the police pulled him over, he shot at them, and he had to run. He was engaged in a high-speed chase with the police before venturing into the forest and abandoning his car, guns, and ammo. After he ran into the forest, no one has seen him ever since.

The FBI, National Guard, US Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management searched for David Burgert for almost a year before withdrawing substantial resources from the search. He is still among America’s most wanted fugitives today, and the warrants that the US marshals placed on him are still active.

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Where is David Earl Burgert?

Nobody knows where David Earl Burgert is at the moment. He is wanted by the US marshals and other security networks. However, the search organized for David has long been disbanded.

The authorities claimed that David stashed supplies in the forest and meticulously planned his big bang escape. They claim that the weapons found in his jeep were being transported to a getaway SUV in the forest. This would mean that he would have supplies to last him a long period before he eventually had the chance to leave the forest.

However, survivalists argue that David didn’t have any backup plan, and heading into the forest was his only play at the moment. Every news agency also had their theory about David’s whereabouts, but the fact remains that, till today, he is nowhere to be found.

Is David Earl Burgert dead?

Survivalists believe that David did not die in the forest. If he did, his dead body might have been recovered from the forest. The weather at the time of his escape was also friendly, seeing as it was summer. Everything around the period generally worked in his favor. If he is dead now, then it is not public knowledge.

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People love romanticizing successful fugitives, and, in this article, we have given you a picture of David Earl Burgert. However, it is essential to note that survivalism is a movement that seeks to protect you from future disasters. If your actions threaten other people’s peace and well-being in the present moment, then it becomes a crime.

Even though David Earl Burgert managed to employ considerable survival skills to escape the authorities, it doesn’t mean he is right. He shot a police officer, and he stood against the government in violent ways.

You should strive to use the knowledge and skills that you acquire as a survivalist to protect and make life better for you and your loved ones. Always avoid legal scuffles as much as you can because you cannot be a survivalist in prison.

David Earl Burgert has not been located till today, and he has most likely lost access to most (if not all) of the people in his former life. Ultimately, we in the survivalist community respect David Earl Burgert for surviving off the grid for almost one year while authorities were looking for him.

It shows ingenuity, and it tells us if we plan and prepare, we as survivalists can survive in the great outdoors for much longer than a year. Cheers!

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