What Is Paracord? – Complete Overview, Advice and More

During World War II, Paracord first became very popular among military men because of its tactical design. In the following years, it became available for commercial use. Many brands have emerged through these years to produce paracords that are incredible and effective.

This article is the ultimate guide to understanding those who have little or no idea what paracord is.

What Does Paracords Mean?

A Paracord is a rope or cord that is quite versatile for all-duty operations. It was solely designed for survival, like the parachute cord – Type III. Since its incorporation into the commercial world, it became one of the most effective outdoor tools. Moreover, some brands have designed these paracords in the form of bracelets for convenience and to hold a few essential items.

What is Paracord Used For?

Generally, paracords are used in several ways. Due to its high demand for military and commercial purposes, it has been classified mainly into two.


The most common thing paracords are used for is survival. They have been designed in such a way that they provide basic needs for harsh conditions. For instance, the simply wounded ropes could be used to build shelter, make fishing lines, start a fire, or anything that involves staying alive or safe outdoor.

Fashion Accessory

Also, paracords have gone through modernization that they have become fashion accessories. There are now cases where they are used in making belts, bracelets, lanyards, and key chains. On a much bigger scale, they are suitable for creating hammocks, chairs, wheel covers, etc.

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What are the Types of Paracords?

Based on the standards, there are four types of paracords; each differs in strength, durability, and design.

Type I

The first type of paracord is Type I. It has a minimum breaking strength of 95 lbs.; therefore, it is a low-duty cord to use. It has 1 inner strand to support its use for different purposes.

Type II

The Type II Paracord follows, having a 425lbs. tensile strength. It has between 4 to 7 strands; thus, it is a mid-duty cord.

Type III

The Type III Paracord, which is the most popular, is an exceptional cord to use. It is a military-grade paracord that can handle hold weights up to 550 lbs. It has 7 to 9 inner strands in the same vein, while it is versatile and durable.

Type IV

Finally, the highest and the most heavy-duty paracord to use is Type IV. It consists of 11 inner strands for effective performance. This paracord has a minimum breaking strength of 750lbs., which makes it a big deal.

What Is Paracord?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions you may be looking for their answers regarding the use of Paracords for different purposes.

What is the Best Material for Paracord? Nylon vs. Polyester.

With the way paracords have been designed to perform low to heavy-duty operations, it is expected that it has a certain amount of strength to withstand impact. The strength of a paracord, however, is dependent on the quality of its materials. Usually, there are two materials involved in the making of Paracords – Nylon, and Polyester.

It is often quite challenging to choose between Nylon Paracords and Polyester Paracords because they provide the same benefits. However, you could consider Nylon Paracords due to their long-lasting reputation for better strength and good performance. Besides, most of the top brands that make paracord bracelets use nylon now.

What is the Best Original U.S. Paracord?

Right now, you are at a juncture of what kind of paracord to use because of its numerous significance. It is exclusively available to those who use it; however, you cannot pick any paracord on the market, simply because it looks attractive. You need to select the best original U.S. paracord to do the things you want, effortlessly. In that case, your options are limited.

As long as what you want is the best original U.S. paracord, you should consider a 550 Cord. This rope is a military-grade cord and commercial; hence, it can meet all your needs without losing functionality.

On the other hand, you could decide to try out different brands or paracords with an average minimum breaking strength if the use isn’t negating why it was produced.

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What Are Ways to Use a Paracord Bracelet?

As aforementioned, Paracords are designed into bracelets for convenience and ease of use. That means you don’t have to pack so much when going outdoor because most of the things you need for survival are incorporated into a bracelet on your wrist. Below is a list of ways you could use a paracord bracelet in a survival situation.

Cut Through Zip Ties

For instance, if you are tied down with zip ties; a paracord bracelet could set you free. You will be lucky enough if the cord bracelet comes with a small knife holder, capable of cutting through the zip ties for your freedom.

Start a Fire

The exterior part of a paracord can produce an amount of friction, capable of starting a fire. Although there is a technical way to do that, a paracord bracelet could provide fire when you want.

Mechanical Defense

When you are outdoor, you have no idea what you may come across; therefore, it is significant to mark territories. A paracord is useful in creating a mechanical defense against animals or predators. Since it is strong, it could almost be impossible to penetrate a single go.

Build a Shelter

If it gets too dark and you need a place to sleep for the night, a paracord can be used to build a shelter with trees.

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If you didn’t know what is paracord before now, this article has done well to introduce you to the relevant information you need. You will also need the buying tips, i.e., the quality of material and the type of paracord to go for, to choose the best options available on the market. Indeed, a paracord is an incredible survival tool.

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