Windham Weaponry R16ftt 9mm Carbine Review – Pros & Cons and More

Windham Weaponry’s new 9 mm GMC pistol-caliber carbine exemplifies both the fun and utility that PCC platforms have to offer. Thanks to the bolt hold-open feature, it handles and operates just like a rifle-caliber AR platform while costing less to operate than larger caliber models.

When loaded properly, this carbine is also an ideal home security option that can be fed out of the same ammunition boxes as your preferred 9 mm semi-auto pistol. As always, the quality, features, and reliability of this carbine were a step above what one expects for the price point.

Windham Weaponry r16ftt 9MM Carbine Review


The Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM is a stellar piece of gear – well thought out but not over-designed to the point of lunacy.


The whole package is approximately the same size as your standard M4 carbine, being about 6 ¾ lbs empty with no accessories and just shy of 31″ long with the stock collapsed all the way in.

Weight Barrel

A 16-inch long medium-weight barrel (with no flash hider or brake) incorporates a 9mm-standard 1:10 rifling twist to stabilize heavier bullets for subsonic loads without compromising light-bullet accuracy.

AR Goodies

All the standard AR goodies are included:

  • a free-floating anodized aluminum handguard, a 2″ removable rail section for mounting accessories
  • and a full-length Picatinny rail that runs continuously from the back of the receiver all the way to the forwardmost point of the handguard.


The A2-style pistol grip and 6-position telescoping CAR-style buttstock are molded plastic, while the aluminum receivers are hard anodized in a lovely, flawless matte black.


The controls are all where they should be and operate the same as any AR would. The provided trigger is the expected Mil-Spec standard setup and is compatible with all aftermarket AR-15 fire control systems.

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When it comes to accessories, Windham takes extra steps to provide customers with a ready-to-use setup. The rifle arrives in a foam-lined hard case with one magazine, a nylon web 2-point sling, and an owner’s manual.

The handguard does not provide a sling attachment point, so the company installs a removable 2.25″ accessory rail with a QD sling swivel port and a swivel. This allows the sling to be installed right out of the box.

If the sling is not going to be used, the customer already has a rail for a light or laser module. It’s a nice touch that often goes overlooked by other manufacturers.


The first thing that you will realize when you receive a Windham Weaponry firearm is that it comes in a hard case and not some cardboard shipping container that soon resides in a re-cycle bin. The case is fully padded.

There nestled along with the firearm in a re-sealable bag is a sling, one PMAG 17 GEN 5-type magazine, a Windham Weaponry full-color catalog, and an Operation and Safety Manual, which you should read even though it does not cover the R16FTT-9mm carbine specifically


The bolt face and chamber feed are also entirely different from what you would see in a standard MSR.


A standard MSR’s bolt rotates into place; the bolt of the 9mm carbine does not rotate.

Chamber Mouth

The chamber mouth is beveled to allow for smooth feeding; the mouth of the cartridge case will not catch on the mouth of the chamber.


The receiver is Billet 7075 T6 Aircraft Aluminum with Integral Trigger Guard with a Hard Coat Black Anodized Finish.

Glock Magazines

All controls are the same as any other MSR and in the same place.  Although the WW R16FTT-9mm uses Glock magazines, the magazine release is still on the right side.

Safety Lever

The safety lever is standard with standard markings on both sides of the receiver.  In short, everything is where you expect it to be.

Spare Parts

Obviously, when you are working with a firearm that is “out of the norm,” the question of spare parts availability would come to mind. In the case of the WW R16FTT-9mm, spare parts availability questions can be answered quickly.

Trigger Parts

Unless you change out the trigger, trigger parts are standard Mil-Spec and are readily available.


Magazines are not an issue, as Glock magazines are plentiful.


The bolt/bolt carrier is different from any found in an MSR. The buffer is also additional. Otherwise, everything within the receiver is the same; trigger group, detents, pivot, takedown pins, etc. The spare bolt carrier and buffer tube are available from Windham Weaponry’s online store.

Stock Trigger

If you keep the stock trigger, a field repair kit of various springs and things might not be a bad idea; All of which are available through Windham Weaponry.

Firing Pin

A spare firing pin spring might be handy, as this would be prone to loss if the firing pin is not removed correctly

Pros and Cons


  • Durable
  • Spare parts are readily available
  • Easy to clean


  • Not everyone likes polymer lower receivers

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Windham Weaponry R16ftt 9mm Carbine ReviewConclusion

The Windham Weaponry 9mm Carbine is an AR-style pistol caliber carbine that is an outstanding choice for a competition, defense, or recreational shooting. This modular modern sporting rifle features a 9mm Luger dedicated upper receiver with the caliber laser engraved on the side and blowback action.

It accepts all GLOCK compatible magazines and comes with a Magpul GLOCK mag to get you started. With AR-style controls, an A2 pistol grip, and 6 positions collapsible stock, the operation is familiar and intuitive. The Windham Freefloat Handguard has a full-length Picatinny top rail for the sights or optic of choice.

If you’re looking for your next match rifle, a home defense firearm, or a lightweight camp and hunting rifle, look no further than the Windham Weaponry 9mm Carbine.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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