Watch Strap

Watch Strap

Give your watch a bold new personality with a Survival StrapsTM Watch Strap.

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Survival StrapsTM Watch Strap Details and Options

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Survival Straps™ Watch Straps are tough and very unique.  They are meant for larger style men's dive watches.  Instead of a traditional buckle, they utilize adjustable marine grade stainless steel shackle assembly for attachment purposes. We ask for your wrist size, but you will be able to adjust your watch to fit as loose or as tight as you would like. Our Watch Straps use a pull through design so you will not lose your watch due to a pin failure. Put on a Survival Watch Strap today to give your watch a completely new personality.

The Watch Straps have the following features:

*Lots of Paracord - Our Watch Straps are made with up to 13 feet of military spec paracord. We build each one with approximately 1.5 feet per every inch of wrist size. A size 7.5 will give you approximately 11.5 feet of paracord when unraveled. Plenty to help get you out of a jam.

*If You Use It, We Replace It Policy - All our gear is designed so that in an emergency situation, you can unravel the bracelet and deploy the paracord for use. Don't hesitate to unravel your Survival Strap. If you do use your Survival Strap, simply send us your story and a picture of how it was used, and we will send you a new one, free of charge.

*More Than 50,000 Color Combinations - We like to give our customers choices. Pick a color for the inside, a color for the edge, and an optional color for a line down the center. This will give you a tri-colored Watch Strap. If you choose the same color for the inside and the edge, your Survival Strap™ will be built with one continuous piece of paracord. If you choose a different color for the inside and the edge, your Survival Strap™ will be built with two pieces of paracord that are almost equal in length. The optional center line is a piece of paracord that runs the length of the bracelet and does not affect the center or edge cords.

*Stainless Steel Shackle Closure - Our shackle closure is made from extremely tough marine grade stainless steel. Besides looking incredible, it has the following features:

Adjustable - The stainless steel shackle makes our Survival Watch Straps adjustable. We will build your strap for your specific wrist size. However, you can now adjust it on your wrist to wear it as loose or as tight as you would like. There are three settings for adjustment. Simply insert the shackle pin into whichever hole you would like to achieve the fit you are looking for.

Standard Break Away Feature for Safety - Many of our customers love wearing our Survival Watch Straps but are concerned wearing them around machinery or anything they could get their Strap, and their arm, "hung up" on. Survival Strap™ Watch Straps now come standard installed with a break away pin. This pin is tough enough for everyday use, but it is designed to shear off and "break away" from your wrist when a significant force is applied. This adds a safety factor to wearing your Survival Bracelet.

Standard Stainless Steel Pin - Survival Straps™ are all about strength in every way. Because of this they also come standard with a military grade stainless steel pin. You can choose to install the stainless steel pin, instead of the break away pin, if you want your Watch Strap to be one of the strongest items on the planet! Installing this pin gives the stainless shackle hundreds of potential uses in an emergency situation. Even if you wear your Survival Strap™ with the break away pin feature installed, you can keep the stainless pin handy if you need to deploy the paracord and the shackle in an emergency situation.

Rounded Knurled Pin - Both the break away pin, and the stainless pins on the Survival Strap shackles are rounded. This helps to make sure your bracelet will not snag on anything like clothing. The pins are also knurled so that you can get a good grip while twisting them.

Stamped In Steel - Survival Straps™ is stamped into our stainless shackle closure. Just so you know who's got your back!!!

*Width of Regular Watch Straps - The Regular Survival Watch are approximately 1" wide and fit watches with a lug width of 22 - 26 mm.

Available Colors