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Best Plate Carriers

GFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Vest

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vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest Military Chest Rig Airsoft Swat Vest for Men

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OneTigris Tactical Laser-Cut Vest

Let me take a guess – you truly have been searching for the best and more tactical plate carrier that could add to your protection in a life-threatening situation. Good news!!! This buying guide is just for you. You might have probably been using a chest rig before. Still, if you feel it is not giving you enough protection and functionality in a combat situation, then why not invest in more tactical plate carriers.

Perhaps you are a paintball lover just like me, you probably know how it weighs someone down when hit in the chest, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun; a soft plate carrier is all you might need.

There are a whole lot of reasons why you should have a plate carrier. For military simulation, law enforcement, tactical needs in the field, sports, or you are just paranoid about life, a plate carrier could give you the protection you needed at the moment.

Choosing a plate carrier or quality chest rigs will make a difference, but it can be difficult to choose. This is because there are lots of plate carriers on the market today with varying factors, which might not be the best for you regarding what you do or its purpose for use. Therefore, choosing the best plate carrier is not an option but a MUST.

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The Best Plate Carriers Reviewed

Below are some of the best plate carriers and their reviews


GFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Vest

Let us start this review with the Gfire brand. Gfire has been know to produce tactical vest with amazing features. This tactical vest provides breathability when it comes to combat training. It is a lightweight tactical vest that can be adjusted to different sizes. So, no need to worry if you are a big person as this vest will perfectly fit and comfort you.

Key Features:

  • 1000D polyester: This solid vest is made of 1000D polyester. This makes the vest abrasion-resistant and also water repellant, which offers the vest more durability. It feels lighter with even 1000D polyester and also sturdy. Stitches are made of nylon
  • MOLLE Design: It is made of high-grade MOLLE with heavyweight MOLLE loops for all modular attachments. With the MOLLE design, functionality is enhanced, and you will be able to hold as many tactical gears you need
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps: The adjustable and removable anti-slip padded shoulder with hooks and loops guides is one of the best features of this vest. This because while wearing the vest, the high-quality padded mesh interior lining allows the anti-slip shoulder strap to give maximum comfort without any stress
  • Adjustable Waist Straps: This feature adds more to fitness. With the side release buckles on shoulders and waists, sizes can be adjusted depending on your size.
  • Storage: This vest has front and side pockets that are easily accessible to hold important items. It also has an adjustable cummerbund to allow for the perfect snug fit of the vest.


  • Brand: Gfire
  • Color Black, Tan, Green
  • High-quality fabric and good stitch
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • It offers enhanced functionality of the MOLLE designs
  • The adjustable systems make it easy to wear and perfect fit
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • It might be a little bit pricey
  • It might ride low for some people


vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest Military Chest Rig Airsoft Swat Vest for Men

This is a very versatile tactical vest with a multi-use platform. It should meet all your tactical needs. It is made to fit all body sizes and shapes, all thanks to the Velcro height adjustment. The 1000D nylon fabric gives it an excellent wear resistance, lightweight but with strength and waterproof capabilities. This is a real deal!

Key Features:

  • Adjustable system: It has a very cool adjustable system for different sizes. With this adjustment system, you can make all necessary adjustments to your shoulders and abdomen area using the pull straps and UTX buckles. It features a padded cross-back shoulder strap with some added feature not commonly found in other vests such as webbing and D-rings.
  • 3D Mesh Spacer: It has a 3D mesh spacer that allows for ventilation. With this feature, you feel comfortable during action when wearing this vest
  • MOLLE design: These features provide easy accessibility to all your tactical gears. It has an upper section that can be folded to give access to the pockets. You can attach additional pouches with this MOLLE designs and have easy access to them. You can carry up to 9 magazine pouches with the four removable, closed top or open top magazine pouches that are all adjustable with Velcro straps. Elastic loops on the shoulder straps are present to secure communication devices.
  • All-weather protection: It has a tactical MOLLE porch that is integrated with Yakeda bags and packs to give watertight storage.
  • Storage: There is an administrative storage pouch feature that gives extra space to hold tactical tools like a map, tactical flashlights, IR markers, and so on


  • Brand: Yakeda
  • Color: Camouflage, black-1, black CP, black
  • It has a fully adjustable system for different body sizes and shapes
  • It offers breathability
  • It offers functionality with easy access to all tactical gears
  • It has a wealth of pockets to hold different tactical tools
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • You might want a more streamlined tactical vest
  • It might be costly
  • It is only for men


OneTigris Tactical Laser-Cut Vest

OneTigris nightmare tactical vest is primarily designed for airsoft, paintball, and war games. It is made of 500D Condura nylon, which is a high-quality fabric that is water and abrasion-resistant.

It has laser-cut MOLLE webbings on both sides, which makes it a lightweight tactical vest suitable for activities. With the MOLLE webbings, you can attach extra pouches and other tools. This vest is comfortable for usage all thanks to the high-quality EVA padding

Key Features:

  • 500D Condura nylon: This feature makes the vest good for airsoft because it gives extra durability and water resistance
  • Laser-cut MOLLE webbings: It is present on both sides to aid attachment of pouches or tactical tools
  • High-quality EVA padding: The inner layer of the vest is padded to improve comfortability during usage
  • Kangaroo magazine pouch: This is present in the front to store your M4 magazines
  • Adjustable systems: The vest comes with adjustable and removable shoulder straps plus an adjustable waist strap to fit different body shapes and sizes.


  • Brand: OneTigris
  • Material: 500D Nylon
  • Dimensions: 11”*13”/28cm*33cm
  • Weight: 25.3oz/720g
  • Color: Black, multi-cam, tan
  • It is durable and water resistance
  • It is lightweight
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It can be worn by different people of different body sizes and shapes
  • It makes the attachment of pouches and other tools possible
  • It is not meant for real combat
  • It is not bulletproof


Helikon-Tex Range Line, Training Mini Rig

This training mini rig is made in the US and can also be imported. It is made of authentic materials with a good stitch plus a high-quality fabric of 500D Condura nylon. It can be used with a battle belt for more ease. It has removable and adjustable H-strap harness plus Velcro ID panels. The long straps make it easy for this rig to be used on a plate carrier.

This rig is constructed for shooting at a range, instructors, shooting enthusiasts, and competition shooters. This is because all the gears required can all be stored in the rig. It can house four carbine magazines plus an impressive weight distribution.

Key Features:

  • 500D Condura nylon: This feature makes the rig abrasion-resistant and also water-resistant
  • H-strap harness: This harness is removable and adjustable plus there are three Velcro ID panels: on the main pouch, med insert pouch, and at the back of the harness
  • Storage / MOLLE design: It has an insert for double rifle magazine, which also includes AR/AK magazines. The main pouch has an internal organizer and a zippered mesh pocket. It also has about four fixed pouches for handgun magazines and other tactical tools.
  • Spacious central Cargo pocket: It spacious enough to house a pistol holder insert, PALS, for medical insert.


  • Brand: Helikon-Tex
  • Material: 500D Nylon
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 2.75 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 28.8oz/817g
  • Color: Adaptive green, black, shadow Grey A, coyote brown, olive green A, flecktarn, grey, melange blue, melange grey, PenCott Wildwoods, shadow grey, black A, US woodland
  • It is durable and water resistance
  • It is lightweight
  • It can be used over a plate carrier
  • It has an impressive weight distribution
  • It has a wealth of pouches
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Modular design
  • Great replacement of plate carriers
  • It cannot be used as a plate carrier but can be worn over one
  • It lacks other functional tactical designs


BYHai Tactical CS Field Vest Breathable Combat Training Vest Nylon Adjustable for Unisex Adults

This is an all-purpose tactical vest. It is great for outdoor activities like camping, cycling, mountaineering, and even military. This is possible because the vest is made of 600D waterproof oxford cloth, which confers both water and abrasion resistance. There are multiple colors for you to choose from. It is lightweight; hence maximum mobility is assured.

It also has pouches to store and hold magazines plus an adjustable waist strap and padded shoulder straps to give you the fitness and comfortability you desire. It is perfect for somebody’s sizes and shapes.

Key Features:

  • 600D waterproof oxford cloth
  • This feature confers water resistance and impact resistance to the vest with strong tensile strength. It is a flexible tactical vest
  • Adjustable waist straps: This tactical vest can be sure to fit perfectly on anybody because of these adjustable waist straps.
  • Padded shoulder straps with Velcro and buckle: This feature allows the vest to fit comfortably, and the Velcro provides an easy and fast way to disassemble the vest when not in use
  • Chest coverage: It is minimally designed to aid mobility
  • MOLLE design: The front of this tactical vest is designed to make other attachments possible with the vest


  • • Brand: Byhai
  • • Material: 600D oxford cloth
  • • Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 3 inches
  • • Weight: 28oz/793g
  • • Color: black, green, mud, camouflage
  • It is durable and superlight
  • It is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, mountaineering
  • It has multiple colors to choose from
  • It is unisex
  • It offers functionality
  • It might be too small for a big body to wear
  • Pouches are too small to hold magazines


WarTechGears Tactical Fast Vest WITH MOLLE and PALS

Next on the list, WarTechGears tactical fast vest with MOLLE and PALS. This vest supports a plate size of 11″ x 14″ plates. The vest is a perfect fit for all standard plates, plus it is durable, comfortable, and has excellent coverage for people with more oversized body shapes and sizes.

With the MOLLE and PALS, it provides a sturdy look, and it is incredibly lightweight, coming in various colors such as black, green, or tan. It is easily adjusted on both sides, which makes it a perfect plate carrier for different people with different body sizes and shapes.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable systems: It has adjustable side straps with large quick connect plastics fro extension from 30″ _L out to 60″ L plus an adjustable buckle belt and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Velcro flap holding systems: The holding systems provide the necessary support to hold the plates in places
  • Padding layers: This feature is present at the back to make the plate carrier easy to wear and improves comfortability.
  • Hook and loops fastenings: This feature makes the vest easy to wear and take off
  • PALS webbings: For MOLLE attachment
  • High-quality fabric: It made of 1050 nylon materials with a double and reenforcement cross-stitching


  • Brand: WaterTech gears
  • Material: 1050 Nylon material
  • Color: Black and tan
  • One size fits all
  • Compact design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It might be a little bit expensive


DMAIP Hunting MOLLE Tactical Vest Combat

One of the best things about the tactical vest is the mechanical design of the vest and still super light. It is made of 600D oxford material, which has a strong tensile strength with water resistance capabilities plus it is durable. It adopts a front and back MOLLE design; hence it makes every attachment possible.

It is suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, airsoft, paintball, hunting, wargames, and combat security tool. You can pick from a different color.

Key Features:

  • 600D Oxford material: It is made of high-quality fabric that has strong tensile strength, and it is water and wear resistance
  • MOLLE design: The front and back section of the vest adopt a MOLLE design to carry other necessary tools
  • Tape and buckle design: It is found on the shoulder and waist sides. It is pretty adjustable
  • Hook and loops fastenings: This feature makes the vest easy to wear and take off
  • Detachable bags: It has three detachable bags


  • Brand: DMAIP
  • Material: 600D Oxford material
  • Dimensions: 50.00 x 40.00 x 6.00 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Color: Black, tan, army green, and ACU
  • It is a reasonably priced
  • It is tactically easy to adjust
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It has water and wears resistance capabilities
  • It can be upgraded for more attachments
  • Perfect for a civilian
  • It might not fit everyone. Do well to check for your perfect size


Jipemtra Tactical airsoft Vest

If you are looking forward to getting a tactical vest that could also carry a plate, this could be your pick. It is mainly designed for games to protect your kids during outdoor activities such as airsoft paintball training, wildland fire, camping, and others.

With an 800D Oxford, you get protection plus it is very comfortable, breathable, durable with a strong tensile strength that offers a wear resistance. It gives maximum mobility because it is designed to cover the chest and hence lightweight.

Key Features:

  • 800D Oxford material: It is made of high-quality fabric that has strong tensile strength, and it is water and wear resistance
  • Adjustable systems: It is adjustable at the shoulders and waist to fit different body sizes and shapes
  • MOLLE: It is a MOLLE vest that has chest coverings
  • Games design: This is perfect for only games
  • Attachment: It can accommodate pouches to contain tactical gear


  • Brand: Jipemtra
  • Material: 800D Oxford material
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 13.4 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Color: Tan
  • It is well constructed with a great fit
  • Perfect for kids
  • It is durable
  • It has water and wears resistance capabilities
  • It aids mobility
  • It might not fit everyone.
  • Adults cannot use it


DLP Tactical Phantom Low Profile MOLLE Vest

This is one of the best plate carriers that can be used in the field. It can also be used for the harsh games of paintball. It offers functionality and utility. It has a mesh and comes in different colors. This lightweight vest gives a kind of low profile fit, and it is incredibly comfortable during training. The customization of this makes it perfect use for tactical high mobility operations

Key Features:

  • 600D Invista cordua nylon construction: The high-quality fabric is water resistance and abrasion resistance
  • MOLLE designs: It has MOLLE webbing on the front, back and sides. It also has capabilities to accept other MOLLE accessories on the surfaces of the vest.
  • Adjustable systems: It has hook and loop closure cummerbund that gives it an adjustable size which is comfortable to wear and take off
  • Skeletonized cummerbund: This feature, reinforced with Kydex, provides maximum stiffness
  • Built-in kangaroo pouch: With this feature, the vest can hold about 220 magazines, plus it has an admin pouch found on the chest to hold other tactical tools like flashlights.


  • Brand: DLP Tactical
  • Material: 600D Invista Cordura nylon
  • Color: Multi-cam, green, coyote, black
  • It is well constructed with a great fit
  • Perfect for high mobility operations
  • It is durable
  • It has water and wears resistance capabilities
  • It is lightweight
  • Front and back coverages with easy access
  • A wealth of storage pouches
  • It might be quite small for some user


GZ XINXING Black Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest

The last but not the least of plate carriers on our list is the GZ XINXING black tactical airsoft paintball vest. This vest is mainly for airsoft and paintball but can also be used for other purposes. It is a comfortable vest with a sturdy look. It is made with an outstanding 900D high-density nylon construction, which has high tensile strength.

It comes with various colors for you to pick from, including the dark army green. One exceptional characteristic that other plate carrier lacks is the money-back guarantee. You can return it if you feel it is not good enough for you.

Key Features:

  • 900D high-density nylon: It is made of high-quality fabric that has a strong tensile strength and hence wears resistance
  • Adjustable system: It has an adjustable buckle and Velcro on the shoulder and waist to conveniently wear and take off easily and also to fit different body sizes and shapes
  • Maximum chest side: It has a maximum chest size of 125 cm, which is also adjustable to fit different sizes


  • Brand: GZ XINXING
  • Material: 900D high-density nylon
  • Color: Black, CP, green, grey, Italy camouflage, khaki
  • It is a reasonably priced
  • It is tactically easy to adjust
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It has water and wears resistance capabilities
  • It might not fit everyone. Do well to check for your perfect size

Guide to Selecting Plate Carriers

Exploring key aspects to consider when selecting a plate carrier is essential.

Intended Use

Understanding the purpose of the plate carrier is paramount. Your choice should align with your specific needs. For instance, a light plate carrier suits paintball enthusiasts, while marines would benefit more from a sophisticated, tactical version.

Carrier Weight

The weight of the carrier is crucial, especially in relation to its intended use. Longer wear demands lighter weight, whereas heavier carriers are preferred for workouts. Law enforcement personnel might opt for something lightweight to enhance mobility.

Level of Protection

Evaluating the protection level is vital. Examine features that provide comprehensive safety. Military personnel, for example, might prioritize carriers with MOLLE attachments for additional tactical gear, enhancing overall functionality and protection.

We’ve carefully curated a list of top plate carriers, considering customer feedback and their various advantages and limitations, to assist you in making an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quality plate carriers are essential for various activities, from combat training to airsoft paintball. This guide aims to offer insights and showcase top market choices.

We hope this guide helps you find the ideal plate carrier for your needs. For any uncertainties or queries, this section aims to provide clarity and answers.

What is a Plate Carrier?

A plate carrier, essentially a tactical vest, requires armor plates for full functionality. Primarily used in the military, they also find civilian applications and are adaptable with MOLLE design. They offer front and back vital organ protection and are adjustable and easy to remove.

Various types exist, like concealable, low profile, and minimalistic carriers, each serving different functions.

For gym use, plate carriers are an excellent alternative to weighted vests, suitable for exercises like planks and lunges. Law enforcement personnel should consult their department guidelines when choosing low-profile carriers, considering weight and protection as primary factors.

Who Produces Quality Plate Carriers?

Numerous brands produce quality carriers. Notable ones include Gfire, Yakeda, OneTigris, Helikon-tex, Byhai, Wartech Gears, DLP Tactical, among others listed in this guide.

Military-Preferred Plate Carrier Brand

The military often uses KDH vests, known for features like cummerbund style, removable side plates, 360-degree MOLLE points, and an emergency drag handle. While primarily military-grade, they are sometimes accessible to civilians.

Navy Seals’ Choice of Plate Carrier

Navy Seals frequently opt for the Crye Precision Jumpable.

Optimal Color for a Plate Carrier

Coyote brown is a popular choice due to its versatility and cool blend, as per customer reviews.

Marines’ Plate Carrier Preference

Marines typically use scalable plate carriers, with the USMC plate carrier being a recent approval. This model includes IMTV groin and lower back protection, side protection, communication tools, and a MOLLE attachment point for effective weight distribution.

Civilians and Level IV Body Armor

Civilians can purchase Level IV body armor, subject to legal and prior conviction considerations.

Essential Features in a Plate Carrier

Key features to look for include:

  • MOLLE Webbings: These allow for the attachment of tactical gear.
  • Build Quality: Check the fabric quality (500D Cordura nylon is standard) and stitching robustness.
  • Plate Distribution: Ensure plates cover vital organs effectively and consider weight distribution, especially if adding side coverage.

Do Plate Carriers Stop Bullets?

Yes, they can stop bullets, but they tend to crack upon absorbing the bullet’s kinetic energy, offering single-spot protection.

Your guide on selecting plate carriers is comprehensive and well-structured. To enhance its utility, consider adding the following information:

Adjustability and Fit

  • Emphasize the importance of a well-fitted plate carrier. It should be adjustable to fit various body types and sizes. A proper fit ensures comfort and effectiveness in protection.
  • Mention the adjustability of shoulder straps and waistbands, which are crucial for a secure and comfortable fit, especially during extended wear or high-movement activities.

Breathability and Comfort

  • Discuss the significance of breathability, especially for extended use. Plate carriers with padded shoulders, ventilation channels, or moisture-wicking fabrics increase comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Highlight the importance of comfort, especially for users who wear the plate carrier for long durations. Comfort features like padded interiors or mesh lining can greatly enhance user experience.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Address the durability of the materials used in plate carriers. High-quality materials like Cordura nylon ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Include maintenance tips such as cleaning instructions and storage advice to prolong the life of the plate carrier.

Compatibility with Other Gear

  • Discuss how plate carriers integrate with other tactical gear, such as backpacks, hydration systems, or communication devices. This compatibility is crucial for a cohesive and functional gear setup.
  • Mention the importance of compatibility with various armor plate types and sizes, allowing users to customize their level of protection.

Price and Value

  • Include a section on the price range and what to expect at different price points. This will help users balance cost with features and quality.
  • Discuss the value aspect, considering durability, features, and brand reputation, which can justify a higher price for some models.

User Reviews and Feedback

  • Encourage readers to consider user reviews and feedback, which provide real-world insights into the performance and reliability of different plate carriers.
  • Mention the importance of considering feedback from professionals who use plate carriers in their line of work, as their experiences can be particularly valuable.

Legal Considerations

  • Briefly touch on legal considerations when purchasing and using plate carriers, especially for civilians. Different regions may have specific regulations regarding the possession and use of tactical gear.

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In conclusion, numerous plate carriers are available on the market, offering a variety of options to suit your specific preferences, requirements, and purposes. Additionally, every plate carrier featured in this buying guide has been thoroughly vetted, tested, and endorsed by consumers. We encourage you to explore these products further through the provided link. This guide aims to equip you with comprehensive knowledge about the top plate carriers.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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