Clickspring Fire Piston Review – All You Need to Know With Tips & More

Many times, people talk about getting fire starters without knowing what one looks like. In layman’s understanding, it sounds like something that makes fire without doing any significant thing at all.

Unfortunately, that is not true; fire starters are devices that work using the Physics principle to make a fire for use. They are perfect for many outdoor survival purposes, including camping, hiking, backpacking, etc.

Usually, there are different types of fire starters, but the Clickspring Fire Piston is quite exceptional. It is an outdoor survival tool that requires some basic skills to handle properly. Read this Clickspring Fire Piston review, and see how it works for you.

Clickspring Fire Piston Review


There are so many fire-starting devices on the market, but with Clickspring Fire Piston, there comes a difference. It is top-quality because of its unique ignition techniques, making it different from other types available. It is a perfect device to use under any condition – including a windy ones.

Clickspring Fire Piston is considered an ultimate survival tool, following its usefulness in hiking and camping. It is also a great gift idea for friends and family because of its fun and entertaining qualities.



The Fire Piston is made in the United States of America from Solid Brass and Aluminum materials. These materials enhance durability, strength, and heat resistance. It also ensures the activation of a unique ignition technique that would suit any task whatsoever under any weather condition.

Other Features

Apart from the device built to make fire, it comes with a few other features that allow for convenient carry – a Lanyard and a Tinder Storage. Furthermore, the device has an inbuilt Liquid Filled Compass to help with directions.


Weight: 5.6 Oz.

Dimension: 5.25 x 0.75 ins.

Pros and Cons


  • Reliable and Entertaining
  • Attractive Body – Black Anodized and Brass Finish
  • Lightweight and Easy to Store
  • Easy ignition with slow ember
  • The ideal fire starter for outdoor enthusiasts


  • Not suitable around kids
  • Not suitable indoors
  • Needs to be far away from clothing and any flammable materials
  • Piston gets hot after use
  • Not great to light cigars

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While you are interested in knowing more about Clickspring Fire Piston, you will find some answers below to frequently asked questions about the device.

What is a Fire Piston?

In ancient times, starting a fire is not so difficult. At first, the friction between two solid objects (Stones, for example) was enough to make a fire for various purposes.

Later, there were other ways, which involved the same principle. One of them is the air compression to raise the temperature that would end up being useful to make fire.

A fire piston has a chamber at the end of the rod that holds the compressed air. With the right pressure quantity, it is possible to ignite an ember from a tinder bundle. The ignition causes flames which could now serve the purpose you want.

How Does Clickspring Fire Piston Work?

Clickspring Fire Piston is milled with its two end caps made of Brass, and the tube is made of Aluminum. One of the brass ends has a thread, with the liquid-filled compass in view; the other end is the piston brass rod that holds a quantity of compressed air.

The rod has a recessed dimple inserted into the tube to create pressure that would light up a char cloth (tinder). So, when you have your char cloth, all you need is to apply pressure from the piston that would be enough to cause a fire.

Why Do I Need a Fire Piston?

The multi-featured fire piston is a practical gas lighter that is useful and beneficial in different ways. For outdoor enthusiasts and bush crafters, it is an ideal survival tool to start a fire. In cases where you need warmth or have a meal to cook, the gaslighter with a char cloth would do a great deal of good.

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With this Clickspring Fire Piston review, you now know how a gaslighter would change your outdoor experience. It is a great tool for survival; however, it should not be used indoors for safety. Lastly, you must get a perfect tinder, like char cloth if you want the gaslighter to work.

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