M1951 Fishtail Parka Review – Complete Overview, Advice and More

The brand Stone tail’s purpose is to deliver the best disposition with extraordinary awareness to detail. These parka coats are totally amazing. The fabric utilized is the large cotton sateen wind immune fabric as per original 1st Gen M-1951 parkas.

The cotton sateen fabric has been fully manufactured for us. It is an elegant fabric that we have similarly had Teflon treated. The weight and quality of cotton sateen is exceptional to the deader mass-manufactured cotton twill / poplin fabric borrowed on 2nd Gen M51 parka’s and later for the M65 fishtail parka.

The Teflon medication will not just conserve the parka coat from stains, it furthermore guarantees the fishtail parka is wonderful at fending off water.

M1951 Fishtail Parka Review


The essential layout behind the fishtail parka isn’t too far away from its military outerwear sibling, the N-3B snorkel. What renders the M-51 so important, though, is the maritime-inspired “tail” that’s the basis of it’s generally used appellation.


And while that fishtail enhances a particular aesthetic flair to the jacket, its initial objective was rigorously practical. While fashion peoples would make you think the tail is aimed at to drop down like the rear end of a salmon, its real purpose is to be attached around the person wearing it leg, from the rear to the front, in order to shut things off from any surprising wind blows.


The situations in Korea ordered for a jacket that was more apprehensive with warmth unlike the snorkel parka, the fishtail was crafted out of a water immune nylon and cotton that could protect a soldier warm in cold circumstances. And to protect all extremities warm the jacket was decked out with two diagonal hand-warmer pockets and a big fur hood.

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Outer Shell

Olive Drab shade 107, The M51 shell is water immune and manufactured of a cotton-nylon blend. The shell can be put on with or without the extremely warm, buttoned-in, mohair frieze or alpaca liner.

The M51 is a severe cold climate arctic parka so it is accurate for drastic wintry climate conditions.

Every parka amasses

  • two deep wool lined pockets with snap button closures.
  • The pockets assist to save hands warm and items safe.
  • The zips are powerful and large and hence barely break.
  • They also possess a snap button rain indication wrapping over the zip.
  • The cuffs possess storm proof belts and there are middle and bottom pull cords to attain the accurate fit and to save the cold temperature at bay.
  • The most popular feature, The Fishtail, can be put on either buttoned up or abandoned hanging down for the fashionable look.
  • Each coat retains a perpetually connected hood which certainly forms fraction of the shell.


The liner is incredibly huge in manufacture and was created utilizing the incredible materials. There are two categories of lining to select from

  • Alpaca
  • the 16-ounce Mohair Frieze liners.


The Alpaca liners are the warmest and are extremely large in formation. They tend to puff the appearance of the parka when worn and therefore, most customers prefer the Mohair Frieze lining option instead.

Mohair Frieze

The Mohair Frieze liner is still extremely warm. However, they were brought about to withstand drastic Arctic climate situations. The mohair frieze liner retains a white terry-toweling impact on the surface, with the interior subsisting a nice soft nylon lining. The liner does not have a hood fixture.

A complete M51 with liner and hood weighs almost 3KG. The M51 liner can be clasped into the outer shell in cold climate situations or discarded if not needed. These liners are incredibly warm and button into the shell faultlessly.


The good is wool-lined for additional warmth and amasses drawstrings to give the precise fit in severe cold weather situations. The hoods are constituted of

  • 47.5% wool
  • 12.5% reprocessed wool
  • 10% nylon
  • 30% cotton.

All hood is coated with real fur.

In virtually all situations the fur disintegrates over the years, so we thus, re-trim hoods with substantial fur to guarantee that each consumer receives a fine fluffy new hood that appear stunning. The hoods possess a storm proof accessory which buttons onto the liner and shell.

This adequately seals the joint between the shell, liner and hood, and stave off arctic weather from reaching inside the fishtail parka.

Pros and Cons


  • Administers as immunity from the most horrible situations across the land, sea and air.
  • It is water immune.
  • Drawstring at abdomen
  • Two lower flap compartments


  • The pictures seem a bit deceitful in their sizing.
  • The jacket feels and appear big when unzipped.

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What Colour Are Parkas?

All credible vintage parkas are green. Olive Drab Shade 107 to be precise. Branded parka’s like Pretty Green are as publicized on their distinguish page. They now furthermore propose a black imitation M51 parka due to steady requests.


What Materials Are Used to Make the M51 Fishtail Parka Liner?

There are two varieties of M51 fishtail parka liner vacant. The timeliest produced M51 liner was designed of Alpaca Wool on the outward and Nylon on the interior. These are by remote the heaviest and softest liners manufactured.

A Brief History of the M51 Parka

Originally designed for military use, the M51 parka has evolved into a fashion icon. Its practical design and durability have made it a favorite among various fashion enthusiasts.

Variety and Versatility

While Olive Drab is classic, parkas now come in a range of colors to suit different styles. From earth tones to bold hues, there’s a parka for every wardrobe.

Caring for Your Parka

To maintain your parka’s longevity, follow care instructions specific to its material. Typically, gentle washing and proper storage are key to keeping your parka in prime condition.

Size and Fit Guide

Parkas are designed for comfort and functionality. We recommend considering your preferred fit – whether you like it snug or a bit loose – when choosing your size.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices in manufacturing our parkas. We ensure that the materials used are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

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M1951 Fishtail Parka Review.


General, structure of the Brighton was outstanding. Trenches clenched and the zippers and clamps all operated suitably. Period I’ve never occurred an enthusiast of hole zippers, these are inconspicuous and we surely utilize them on days when it was cold but warm.

The dent of the Brighton is obviously shorter than the jacket that stimulated its structure as well as that of extra fishtail parkas.

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