Raven Concealment Moduloader Pocket Shield Review – Full Overview

The Pocket Shield enables you to hook up objects of your choice in specific angles and is built to remain in position in the pockets, enabling you to retain your EDC objects placed in a balanced position, enabling quick access to protective instruments and quick drawing.

It is produced from a lightweight, sturdy plastic that aligns to the leg shape, so it’s straightforward to put in many jeans, and if you particularly like to fit shape it, it’s simple to cut.

Can use whatever attaching method you want; the attaching slots enable users to connect a range of things in various angles, having a single piece of equipment that one will modify to carry all of the compact EDC items in a simple, coordinated kit.

Raven Concealment Moduloader Pocket Shield Review

Raven Concealment Moduloader Pocket Shield Review

The Pocket Shield is designed to travel safely in the main pocket of most trousers and offers precise pocket alignment to enable rapid accessibility and control of the light or arms of a person. For all-day carrying ease, the framework is constructed from versatile high-strength polymer that aligns to the user’s body; yet it is durable enough to stay completely fixed within the pockets throughout intensive activity deployment of arms.

On the Pocket Shield, the distinctive fastening spaces enable customers to mount almost any little knife sheath or pocket pistol to the framework at a wide variety of levels. To encourage obtaining a complete combat hold on the tool or go in tiny areas, the owner can also cut it. The Pocket Shield offers a secure base, but it also covers the appearance of anything connected to it.

This is particularly necessary for anyone who must buy dress trousers or other clothing made of thin, silky fabric. The ModuLoader Pocket Shield models and pre-production systems have been checked and operated in several non-permissive settings, both home and internationally, with outstanding performance.

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A versatile polymer that can be stretched, twisted, and pushed around to adapt to the pocket is the Pocket Shield. To retain the shape you left it in, it does not have a recall per se, but Raven Concealment Systems suggests putting a thick elastic cord about it (think breaking into a baseball glove) to enable it to maintain a much more formed, curved shape.

Two grabbed outer layers ensure that the Pocket Shielding captures fabric and remains within your pocket, even though your pocket items are deployed in a hurried situation.

The device can be trimmed and cut to your heart’s content if the given form does not match your requirements.

The Pocket Shield is highly flexible and could be equipped with any variety of attachments.


It may appear like a bulky wallet or practically anything based on what’s added. This also depends on the form of the pockets and fabric of the trousers you wear, since thin dress trousers display more than jeans or military pants.

However, the identity of the products is still broken by the pocket shielding. The pocket shield’s specified aim is to have a safe, portable framework to discreetly and reliably hold the tiny parts of your EDC at the front of the pocket of the trousers, like jeans and skinny jeans, without printing or displaying the frames on the front of the pockets.

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  • It’s a perfect disguise as no one can really tell what is inside of one pocket
  • It feels comfortable
  • It is durable


It is not so simple to take the Pocket Shield out of your pocket.


Will this fit into any trousers?

Yes, the pocket shield will fit into absolutely any trouser.

Can I carry a gun in the Raven Concealment Moduloader pocket shield?

Yes, the raven concealment moduloader pocket shield can accommodate a small compact rifle.


The Pocket Shield Raven Concealment Moduloader is a shockingly easy and incredibly efficient way to add additional equipment to your EDC, thus keeping it available, coordinated and well concealed. The usability of the Moduloader Pocket Shield’s versatility would increase with a few items (such as a newspaper pouch or torch holder).

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