Raven Concealment Moduloader Pocket Shield Review – Full Overview

The Pocket Shield enables you to hook up objects of your choice in specific angles and is built to remain in position in the pockets, enabling you to retain your EDC objects placed in a balanced position, enabling quick access to protective instruments and quick drawing.

It is produced from a lightweight, sturdy plastic that aligns to the leg shape, so it’s straightforward to put in many jeans, and if you particularly like to fit shape it, it’s simple to cut.

Can use whatever attaching method you want; the attaching slots enable users to connect a range of things in various angles, having a single piece of equipment that one will modify to carry all of the compact EDC items in a simple, coordinated kit.

Raven Concealment Moduloader Pocket Shield Review

Raven Concealment Moduloader Pocket Shield Review

The Pocket Shield is ingeniously crafted for secure and swift access while nestled in the main pocket of most trousers. Its design ensures optimal pocket alignment, facilitating rapid reach to a light source or weapon. Constructed from a flexible, high-strength polymer, the Pocket Shield comfortably conforms to the user’s body for effortless all-day carry, yet maintains a firm, unyielding position within the pocket during vigorous movement or when deploying arms.

Featuring unique attachment areas, the Pocket Shield allows users to affix a variety of small knives or pocket pistols to the frame, offering extensive customization options. Additionally, users have the freedom to modify the shield for improved grip on the tool or for use in confined spaces. Beyond providing a stable platform, the Pocket Shield effectively conceals the outline of any attached item.

This feature is especially beneficial for individuals wearing dress trousers or garments made from thin, delicate fabrics. The ModuLoader Pocket Shield, including its models and pre-production units, has undergone rigorous testing in a range of restrictive environments, both domestically and internationally, demonstrating exceptional performance and reliability.

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The Pocket Shield is a highly adaptable polymer that can be molded to fit into a pocket through stretching, twisting, or compressing. While it doesn’t inherently revert to its original shape, Raven Concealment Systems recommends using a thick elastic cord to condition it, similar to breaking in a baseball glove, which helps it maintain a desired curved form.

Its design includes two outer layers that grip the fabric, ensuring the Pocket Shield stays in place within your pocket, even during rapid deployment of items carried in the pocket.

Furthermore, the Pocket Shield offers customizable options. If its default shape doesn’t meet your needs, you have the freedom to trim and modify it as desired.

Additionally, this versatile device is capable of accommodating a wide range of attachments, making it highly adaptable to various needs and preferences.

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  • It’s a perfect disguise as no one can really tell what is inside of one pocket
  • It feels comfortable
  • It is durable


It is not so simple to take the Pocket Shield out of your pocket.


Will this fit into any trousers?

Yes, the pocket shield will fit into absolutely any trouser.

Can I carry a gun in the Raven Concealment Moduloader pocket shield?

Yes, the raven concealment moduloader pocket shield can accommodate a small compact rifle.


Made from a flexible yet robust high-strength polymer, it offers comfortable all-day wear by adapting to the user’s body shape, while its sturdy structure remains fixed in the pocket even during intense physical activity or when swiftly drawing out equipment.

The Pocket Shield stands out with its innovative attachment points, which enable users to customize it by attaching various small knives or pocket pistols. This adaptability extends to the user’s ability to modify the shield for enhanced tool grip or for use in tight spaces. In addition to its role as a supportive platform, the Pocket Shield effectively camouflages the shape of any attached items, maintaining discretion and subtlety.

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