Olight S15 Baton Flashlight Review – In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

If you are a survivalist or live in a place where you have to provide your own lighting, you would understand the importance of having a portable everyday carry flashlight. These types of flashlights are designed for durability, illumination, and portability.

Every outdoor explorer should have an EDC flashlight, and if you are looking to get one, you should take a look at this S15 Baton flashlight. This flashlight comes with unique features, and we have done our best to outline the best parts of this product. Enjoy!

Olight S1 Baton5 Review


Portable LED Tactical Flashlight

This flashlight is portable, and it is easy to carry. It also utilizes the CREE XM-L2 LED, giving out a maximum output of 280 lumens.


The flashlight runs on 4 EdisonBright batteries, and these batteries come with the package. This allows it to stay bright and have a run time of about 15 days in its lowest mode.

The flashlight is also designed with a high-efficient drive circuit that is compatible with any non-rechargeable or rechargeable AA battery.

Detachable Magnet

If you are looking for a versatile flashlight to allow for more reach, this is the perfect product. This flashlight is built with a robust detachable magnet inside this tail, allowing you to attach long iron objects to it. You use it to search your attic without climbing a chair.


This flashlight comes with lenses that have a specially designed smooth reflector. The lenses also have 99% luminousness and an anti-reflective coating. This makes for a longer beam distance and broader coverage.


This flashlight with a unique body that makes for strength and durability. The aluminum body comes with a particular anti-scratch type 3 hard anodizing. This means it can bear a higher level of impact. The stainless-steel ring head also allows for more resistance.

Side Switch

This product is easy to operate. It comes with a blue button cap side switch. This button is soft, and it is comfortable to press.

Brightness Level

This flashlight is designed with four brightness levels, including the moonlight mode, the low mode, middle mode, and high mode. It also includes the strobe mode, but it is not regarded as a level of brightness.


Brand Name: Edison Bright

Color: Black

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Pros and Cons


Everyday Use

This flashlight utilizes a highly-efficient circuit that makes it suitable for everyday use. The flashlight is best used within the home, and you can use it every day if you want.

Easy to Operate

This flashlight is designed with a soft switch that is comfortable to press. It also has a mechanism that allows you to switch between the highest and lowest modes easily.


This flashlight is made to resist impact and last for a long time. It is designed with a particular aluminum body that doesn’t allow for any scratch. It also comes with a stainless-steel heard ring that allows for higher resistance to impact. If your flashlight falls mistakenly, you don’t have to worry about permanent damage.


This flashlight is made with an elegant design that gives it a classic look. The black finish and the blue cap switch all add to its elegance.

Waterproof Product

This flashlight is designed to be waterproof, and that means you can use it in the kitchen, toilet, and under the rain. The choice is yours.


Get On in Pocket

It might accidentally get on in your pocket

Soft Switch

This flashlight has a soft switch that is comfortable to press. However, this comes with its drawback. You can easily switch on the switch in your bag or pocket, and you won’t know. This can run the battery down and affect long-term usage. Package it carefully.

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Olight S15 Baton Flashlight Review


If you move around a lot in places that don’t have stable lighting, you would be happy to have an everyday carry flashlight. In this review, we have explained one of the best flashlights on the market. If you need an everyday carry flashlight, then you should consider buying this product.

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