Surefire G2x Tactical Flashlight Review – Detailed Overview, Buyer’s Guide & More

The flashlight’s function is very straightforward, making it possible to utilize and is one of the significant factors it makes the catalogue of the Best Tactical Flashlights. SureFire is a leading company and among the most well-known products for a legitimate reason. They manage to manufacture high-quality goods.

All of their product is beautifully made in the United States. SureFire is a well-known brand for more great tactical gear that often appears on best-of lists.

They are a well-known company that has been around for a considerable time and provides a lifetime guarantee. The G2X is constructed from a compact, robust Nitrolon polymer, which gives a firm grip.

Surefire G2x Tactical Flashlight Review

Surefire G2x Tactical Flashlight Review

The Surefire G2X Tactical flashlight is a highly efficient and robust lighting tool, featuring a compact yet durable polymer frame. It is equipped with an advanced LED that emits a powerful 320-lumen beam, offering a clear, focused illumination. This LED is exceptionally reliable as it lacks filaments, thus minimizing the chances of malfunction due to burning out or breaking. Despite its small size, the G2X ensures easy handling and provides remarkable illumination strength.

This flashlight is operated by a versatile tailcap click button, a mechanism widely utilized in various SureFire Weapon Lights. It offers dual modes of operation: a partial press activates a temporary mode, while a full press until a click ensures continuous light.

Additionally, the G2X’s design incorporates a Nitrolon polymer structure that is both scratch and abrasion-resistant, ensuring durability and a comfortable grip. The flashlight’s reflector is micro-textured, made from polyethylene, which helps in casting a significantly wider beam that also encompasses ample peripheral light, enhancing its overall effectiveness in various lighting conditions.

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Enhanced Design for Durability and Efficiency

The SureFire G2X flashlight boasts a robust and efficient design. Its base, crafted from military-grade, hard-anodized aluminum, ensures durability and versatility in various scenarios. The flashlight is well-protected against water and dust, thanks to the O-rings and cylinder head seals.

Its LED power source is virtually indestructible, offering prolonged run time and superior light output performance. This makes the SureFire G2X a dependable tool under different conditions.

Advanced Dual Output Modes

This flashlight features two powerful output modes. The primary mode utilizes a parabolic reflector to focus the beam, providing a strong 400-lumen output for broad illumination. It offers excellent reach and peripheral lighting.

In contrast, the secondary low-output mode, conserving battery life, emits a 15-lumen beam. This energy-efficient mode still provides adequate brightness for most tasks. Both modes benefit from a micro-textured reflector for smooth and optimal light distribution.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The SureFire G2X’s dimensions of 5.2×1.5×1.5 inches and a weight of just 4.5 ounces make it an exceptionally compact and lightweight everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. It is designed for convenience without sacrificing functionality.

Battery Features and Performance

Equipped with 2 SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries, the flashlight guarantees longevity and reliability. These batteries, with a 10-year shelf life, include safety features like short-circuit and thermal protection. They endure extreme temperatures and are made in the USA.

User-Friendly Switch Mechanism

The SureFire G2X features a tactical tail cap switch for easy mode switching. A light press activates the 400-lumen output, with options for temporary or continuous light, essential for quick deployment. A longer 2-second press switches to the low-output mode, allowing smooth transitions between settings.


  • Delivers a precise, optimized beam
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate window
  • Durable Nitrolon body with an anodized aluminum bezel
  • Water-resistant O-ring and gasket
  • High-capacity 123A batteries with a 10-year shelf life included


  • Limited color option: only available in grey.

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This flashlight makes it into my selection due to its unbeatable reliability and virtually indestructible LED light emitter. Despite its small size, which may not suit self-defense purposes, its ease of use and dependability make this SureFire model an outstanding tactical torch choice.

The flashlight fits easily in a Bug Out Bag or Compact Pack. Renowned for its indestructibility, this torch stands out. SureFire provides a warranty, ensuring its quality. In summary, it’s a robust flashlight offered at an affordable price.

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