Sawyer Mini Water Filter Filtration Review


When people plan their trips, they like to organize and package everything they would need for that particular outing. However, if you are an outdoor explorer, you would know the importance of being prepared for every scenario. You might be faced with unexpected challenges on the field, and you would have to adapt. When preparing for outdoor trips, you would think of clean, drinkable water. However, something might occur along the way that would make you exhaust all your drinkable water. If you ever come across a unique situation such as this one, you would be glad you have this special mini water filtration system manufactured by Sawyer. This water filter is small and uniquely built to serve outdoor explorers. We have taken the time to review the product for you. Enjoy!

Sawyer Mini Water Filter Filtration Review

Key Features

  • The lightweight water filtration system
  • This filtration system is lightweight and easy to use. It is designed to fit the palm of your hand, and this makes it easy to use.
  • Removes 99.9999% of common germs
  • This system is tested and said to capture up to 99.999% of germs. It captures bacteria like salmonella, cholera, and others. If you are looking for clean water to drink in the forest, you can look for the nearest lake or river; the filter will do the rest.
  • Attaches to multiple drinking packages
  • This filtration system is uniquely designed to allow it to attach to multiple drinking systems. You can attach it to your water bottles, drinking pouch, or drink from the straw directly.
  • It comes with multiple accessories
  • This mini-water filtration system comes with multiple add-ons, and they include a 16-ounce reusable squeeze pouch, one cleaning plunger, and one 7-inch drinking straw.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities, international travel, and contingency purposes
  • This bottle is built to serve multiple situations. You can use it for your various outdoor activities like camping, hiking, etc. You can also bring it on a plane with you when traveling. If you are going to a place where clean water is not accessible, then you would be happy to have this bottle


Brand name: Sawyer

Weight: 2 ounces


  • Lightweight: easy to carry around
  • This filtration system is lightweight, and you can carry it around easily. It fits perfectly in your palm, and you can hold it without any discomfort.
  • Versatility; can be used in multiple ways
  • This mini filtration system can be used in many ways. You can decide to drink from the long 7-inch straw, or you can conveniently attach it to your standard water bottle. It is versatile, and you can use it whichever way you want.
  • Protects you from germs
  • Germs are bad for your health in the long run, and you should not bring back more than you have to when you go outdoors. If you have to drink lake or river water, this filtration system will purify the water for you.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • This package comes with a cleaning plunger that allows you to clean the filter thoroughly and comfortably. You can be sure that your filter is working perfectly.
  • Suitable for outdoor purposes
  • This mini filter system is best suited for outdoor purposes. Campers, hikers, and other outdoor explorers should have something like this in their gear bag.
  • Useful for emergencies
  • In case of a drinking water emergency, this filter can be a lifesaver.


  • Water flow is slow
  • The same mechanism that allows for the water purification in the bottle also prevents you from gulping it all down at once. If you are very thirsty, it would be best to transfer the water to your water bottle and drink it all at once.


Everybody knows always to make sure the water they are drinking is free from bacteria and good for their health. However, when you are outdoors, meeting up with this standard can become difficult. When you get thirsty and run out of drinking water, you might have no choice other than to opt for nature’s direct gift. If you have to drink from a lake or river, you would be happy to have this mini-filter to help you purify the water. All outdoor explorers should have this filter; it will come in handy. Cheers!