Epic Flip Top Water Bottle With Advanced Filter Mobile Review – In-Depth Guide

If you are going to be spending some time outdoors, you should consider packing or storing important things that would be consequential to your survival. Like most people, you shouldn’t be packing things you won’t need – only the essentials. One of those things you’ll find very useful is a water bottle suitable to store and purify water for drinking.

A survival situation begs you to deploy all necessary means to stay alive and well; one of them is making sure you drink good water. You may never find the means to store and purify water at home, but out there, there is always a reason.

Epic Flip Top Water Bottle With Advanced Filter Mobile Review

In this Epic Flip Top Water Bottle with Advanced Filter Mobile review, you are about to witness something incredible about having the best water storage for survival.

Epic Flip Top Water Bottle with Advanced Filter Mobile

There are several ways to purify water, but you will find out that most of them are expensive and time-consuming. However, a more convenient way to achieve a similar result is getting a water bottle with an incredible filter system. Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG Water Bottle is a fascinating choice of water purifier designed for hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.

This water bottle may look like the regular drinking bottles you know, but what it offers may be beyond what you expect. For instance, it offers safe protection against microorganisms and metals in water with the help of its EPA-approved and NSF/ANSI-approved Epic Filter. Some of these organisms and metals include Virus, E. coli, Giardia, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Chromium 6, Cadmium, etc.


Regardless of how impressive this bottle looks on the outside, a couple of features contribute to its dynamic performance. They include;


Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG bottle is made in the USA with soft, durable materials, making it easy to squeeze. It also has a reusable design, ensuring it is one of the safest bottles you can use over time without running the risk of waterborne diseases.

More importantly, its lightweight design makes it travel-friendly, which is why it is a great choice for backpackers or outdoorsy.


This 32 Oz. bottle looks small, but it has one of the best travel-friendly capacities. It provides quite enough water to sustain you throughout your trip or adventure. However, it is only suitable for one person.


Epic Water Filters brand fuses the most American-made filter into this Nalgene Outdoor bottle to give the best, standard water purification possible. Its small size, its High-Capacity Filter can remove up to 2000% contaminants, such as bacteria, heavy metals, etc., and is good to produce 100 Gallons of clean water.

The filter’s extraordinary ability is due to the Activated Carbon that absorbs metals and chemicals passing through the media.

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bottle filter


  • Offers excellent protection against waterborne illnesses
  • 3X effective activated carbon in the filter
  • International Travel-friendly
  • Great for outdoor occasions, including camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting


Only suitable for one person at a time

Buying Guide Questions

Find answers to some of the questions about this Epic Water Bottle below.

Why is Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG Water Bottle the Best?

Epic Water Filters is one of the top-rated brands that doesn’t act all shady with its quality. If the brand tells you to trust a particular product, they provide facts and shreds of evidence to convince you. Epic Nalgene Outdoor OG Water Bottle is one of many that the brand tells you to go for because of its unparallel water purification and handy design for outdoor situations.

Can the Filter be Replaced?

There is no specific time to stop using this Epic water bottle; however, you might need to replace one or two things when the time comes. One of such things is the filter. After a while, the filter becomes less efficient compared to when it was new. If that happens, getting a new replacement is the way to go.

Does this Water Bottle Have a Draw?

Yes, this water bottle has an easy Draw to get a mouthful of water.

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In this Epic Flip Top Water Bottle with Filter review, you have been introduced to one of the best products yet – the Nalgene Outdoor OG Bottle. If you ever come across this water bottle on the market, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for it.

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