Mountain House Freeze Dried Food – Complete Guide

People have preferred to select Mountain House as their favored product of freeze-dried food for an epic journey, disaster readiness, and sustainability for almost 50 years. Mountain House Freed Dried Foods provides an impressive collection of freeze-dried prepared meals that, due to the recipes employed during the meal production process, taste preferable to competing brands.

Mountain House uses raw or frozen ingredients, unlike many firms, and then prepares and packages them in the last phase of freeze-drying. All the quality, flavoring, nourishment, and taste are stored as though you had prepared them from the start by yourself.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Survivalist Prepper Food Freeze-Drying

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food


The freeze-drying method eliminates 80 percent of the mass but retains 98 percent of the actual food’s nutritional benefits. And it’s easy to reverse the operation but just put water. The best approach is to put an accurate quantity of hot water into the meal. The freeze-drying procedure may be easy, but modern freeze-drying involves about double the quantity of energy required for canning.

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To let you understand that they stand next to their life span expectation, the Mountain House Taste Guarantee was formed. They promise that the Mountain House food would still enhance the flavor in 30 years, in bags or cans.


They offer various meal choices ranging from appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and smoothies.

Customers Service

The Mountain House offers excellent customer service, as they are always available to attend to customers every time.

Energy Compared to the Weight

Since they’re a light meal choice, most travelers prefer freeze-dried foods. The freeze-drying meal eliminates 80% of its water retention while preserving a significant amount of calorically rich nutrients.

The majority of food pouches vary from 500 to 900 calories and measure about 5 to 7 ounces. This places them around the 100-130 calorie-per-ounce ratio, which is still very healthy but not outstanding.

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Pad Thai With Chicken

With the Pad Thai, the chicken and flat white rice retained a fantastic quality. Some freeze-dried food might probably wind up being a bit watery, but that isn’t one of those. The vegetable ingredients in it are Red Bell Peppers, carrots, and green beans, while the brown Tamari sauces and sugar Oyster give the flavor it needs.

Chili Mac With Beef

Talking about kidney beans. Hey, Mac Chili, including Beef. In truth, lots of meat and a significant quantity of kidney beans. An excellent move from traditional straight spaghetti pasta is the macaroni. There is also a touch of spice there, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

Yellow Curry

With a slight curry scent, there is abundant coconut flavoring. Small chicken chunks that rehydrate very well were blended with the buttery curry sauce. The red peppers and peas are the primary vegetables standing out.

Breakfast Skillet

Hash browns, bacon, a combination of veggies, and scrambled eggs are mixed into this dish. It’s practically an omelet in a bag/can, literally. It is also a healthy meal, has fantastic tastes, and is relaxing. A breakfast like this is an excellent way to begin the day.

Chicken Noodles

Nothing, particularly on a freezing morning, tastes or smells nicer than fresh chicken noodle soup. If you feel a little under the weather, this is also one of the sweet treats. We were awed when we first tasted this Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, given my high expectations for this specific dish. It includes pieces of real chicken, mushrooms, carrots, green peppers, and more giant, thicker noodles, all mixed in a sweet sauce that’s going to get you away for a few seconds. This food smells great and will make you feel satisfied while needing more at the same time.


  • Easy to make
  • The short package makes it easier to ear


  • Some customers prefer some of these meals to be sourer

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Mountain House freeze-dried food last?

The mountain house freeze-dried food can last for up to 30 years

How do you prepare the Mountain house freeze-dried food?

All foods from the Mountain House are ready-cooked. Therefore the flavors are sealed in. All you have to do is put water! Simply open the pouch/can, eliminate the oxygen absorber first and add the right quantity of hot water. (Individual meals differ, so simply review the instructions on the product). Finally, stir and seal. Your food will be freshly cooked and available to taste in about ten minutes.


Freeze-dried foods are no longer just for travelers. They’re some of the prevalent meal choices for hikers going into the countryside. They are comfortable, nutritionally dense, light, and delicious at the close of a busy day. Everything you need to do is put hot water, wait a little while, and then enjoy the tasty dinner right out of your pack.

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