Personal Solar Light PSL Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

In any residence, truck, pack, emergency preparedness kit, hiking gear, or camping equipment, the PSL (Personal Solar Light) is a must-have. From practical indoor applications to robust outdoor capabilities, the PSL is a powerful, versatile device. The PSL has a light, floatable, waterproof build that shines a brilliant 107 lumens.

High, medium, low and signaling modes are featured on the PSL. To build a flashlight or extend to a lantern style, the PSL will crumble. To protect the light, the handle can also be used around your hand or used to hang on accessible objects. The PSL has a built-in USB charging cable, but what’s interesting is the built-in solar panel that gives off this light almost everywhere.

Personal Solar Light PSL Review

The PSL is a highly robust, solar-powered, ultra-portable lantern that goes everywhere you go. The PSL is ready to light the way on any ad, with up to 12 hours of light on a single charge; the PSL is ready to shed light on any adventures you’ve scheduled. The PSL is built to be versatile and robust, so it is suitable for camping, hiking, or when you want to unplug and live off the grid.

The stylish fashion makes it excellent for your subsequent lawn celebration or the ones in the middle of the night adventures to be illuminated. The PSL solar lantern is also a fantastic addition to your emergency at home. And when the power goes out, it keeps the lights on.

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This lightweight Personal Solar Light brings portable energy to the extreme. Light up the darkness with sun-powered bright light. So that you never have to swap batteries again, the PSL uses solar power.

The weather-resistant architecture of the PSL solar lantern means nature can’t prevent you from seeing the trail. Whether it’s sunshine, rain, or snow, the solar-powered PSL flashlight will light the way


LED produces a smoothly lit, undiffused circle of light that is bright enough to jog with fair confidence through the woods by pointing the bottom of the light forward, And the same circle scales to the size of the diffusion shade of the accordion.

The circle of light is about twice as wide as the distance from what it shines on when compressed. The ratio is around 1:1 when the shadow is extended, indicating that the width of the light circle is about the same size as the distance from the illuminated surface.


The PSL solar lantern charger is designed to be both a reliable source of renewable energy and a handy camping lamp. Even on cloudy days, the highly efficient solar panel enables it to charge.

A few hours of sunlight can be stored in a 2000 mAh battery housing for up to 30 hours of lighting time. The PSL battery appears to be approximately the same capacity as the iPhone 7 battery. This is a severe battery in a harsh light, in other words.


The Personal Solar Light offers four lighting modes at only 4.2 ounces, three with different steady output intensities and one with a bright SOS signal. On the side of the PSL, the big red button flips from off through the three light volumes of low light and backs off.

If the button is held down for three seconds, SOS mode is activated by flashing three short, three long, and three short alarm signals. If you hold down the button in SOS mode, the flashing signal and the brightest output will be stopped.



  • Lasts a long time when charged
  • Vibrant light
  • Uses solar energy for charging
  • Waterproof.
  • Excellent quality battery
  • Portable


It is expensive and may not be affordable for many

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Can the Personal Solar Light Be Used Indoors?

Yes, as much as this lamp is great outdoors, it can also be used indoors when there is no power supply, for studying cooking, etc.


The human brain’s central part is dedicated to the hands and eyes, with the other tiny portion covering all the remaining senses and functions required for life and decoding its difficulties.

And if it’s not evident, the eyes require light to operate. So light in all facets of your survival kit and a safety plan must be a key component. And daily life, for that matter.

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  • Dan Gregory

    Dan Gregory grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and spent much of his youth going on camping trips, and developed fond memories. After being drafted into the American Army, Dan gained more survival skills from military life. He got married and had two kids during that time as they moved around from one country to another. The military family lived in countries such as Japan and the UAE and eventually settled in Boulder, Colorado. Dan is now an army veteran and attended cooking school, as he is a cook at a restaurant. He enjoyed spending time with his family by going on exciting outings.