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Whenever it relates to disaster preparedness, among the most significant factors to remember is water. Freshwater supply is essential for life, but sometimes it is ineffectively accessible in most recreational and city areas.

During an urgent condition, there could be a necessity to turn at unhygienic water sources which only heating or a reliability filter can make healthy to consume.

Surviving in a city or camping surroundings during any crisis may become challenging, and if the power station goes down, it will become even more difficult. Water would not be accessible at the tap as we are accustomed to.

Survivor Filter Review

Humans cannot live without water for further than 3 days, and as current actions have demonstrated, even local supermarket shelves swiftly become empty.

Subsequently, you’d have to develop alternative water supplies, such as a neighboring lake, or sustainable freshwater such as valleys, dams, waterways, ponds, and streams.

When you can discover a substitute water supply, boiling water to make it drinkable is merely not comfortable or realistic most of the time. The subjective straw-style Survivor Filter can filter particulates as small as.05 microns.

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The Survival Filter is an outstanding option for those traveling abroad for research enjoyment or charity work. Flying with many belongings is inconvenient, so the compact quantity of this filter is ideal for anyone wanting to survive out of just one large bag. Users don’t require any particular skills or techniques to wash and care for this filter.

Cleaning the filter after every tour or excessive use ensures that flow levels are maintained, and the filter has the lengthiest expected life as a result. In particular, the prefilter will need to be washed more frequently than the other sections.

Whenever it relates to how often everything requires to be attended to, water quality is the main problem. This tool’s name implies that it is a filter, but it is far more than that. It eliminates anything more extensive than 0.05 microns, including bacteria and microorganisms. As a result, it is an accurate water purifier.



It’s made of durable, rugged, and supposedly good plastic. Whether it survives long enough, time will tell. Filters are separately easy to replace and affordable to purchase, making repairs convenient and easy. Hardly anything appears to be breakable or in need of repair throughout the entire structure.

It’s manufactured in China, but it’s circulated and supported by the United States. An organization with a Canadian office that is exceptionally attentive. Because everything in the whole device is plastic or related components, versatility should be a problem, even though it doesn’t appear to be delicate and the plastic appears strong.

However, this also contributes to its low weight of about 0.3 kilograms. To prevent damage, use it with caution and ensure that the handle is pressed vertically.

Life Span

The Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit costs $40. The cotton or carbon filter will not need to be replaced until it has filtered approximately 264 gallons of water. The kit also included five additional cotton filters, which is why most users will never need to purchase more.


  • Outstanding category of filtration 0.05 micron
  • It is Portable and small
  • Fast-flowing action


  • It is not durable

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When preparing a multi-day hiking trip into the backcountry, having the ability to access and purify polluted water into safe drinkable water is crucial. That could imply having to take a kettle and knowing how to set a fire so users can heat the water. Alternatively, you could hold a bag of chemical water treatment tablets in your pack.

However, the ideal method to filter water into good-tasting water while on the go is to use a compact water filter, such as the Survivor Filter.

The advantages of utilizing a water filter such as the Survivor Filter include the fact that it would not use foul-tasting substances, that it can be reused multiple times, compact, portable, and is very dependable in the wilderness.

The Survivor Filter Pro is a pump activity filter that processes large amounts of water quickly for individual or small group use. Pumping water through three distinct filtration barriers results in additional fresh, nourishing, and delicious water.

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