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If you have seen a couple of movies with a camping scene, you will notice different light sources – sometimes, flashlights or headlamps- and lanterns. Before now, most people had the option of going for candle lanterns due to their convenience; however, it only lasts for about 9 hours at a max output of 20 Lumens. Therefore, the need for an improvement of these lanterns arose.

Today’s new generation of lanterns are LEDs that provide brighter light, excellent strength and stay longer. One of those brands to make them is Black Diamond; it currently has a few incredible choices available for purchase.

However, this Black Diamond Mini Lanterns review is going, to sum up, its efficiency and top-notch performance.

Below is a review of the two best Black Diamond Mini Lanterns on the market – Black Diamond Apollo Lantern and Black Diamond Orbit Lantern.

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern Review


Black Diamond Equipment Apollo Lanterns is an exclusive choice for people who would love to go car camping, either below a desert or hunkering in at an airplane base. This lantern is one of the top-rated choices because of its design, light output, and portability. Following its design, it is easy to set up anywhere.



The lantern uses a double-power LED that provides 80 Lumens max output. This LED is secured in a frosted globe to ensure the proper delivery of light when needed.


It features a unique dimming switch so that the brightness levels can be adjusted if necessary.


The fold-down legs are important structures to raise the lantern’s height to about 9.5 ins. These collapsible legs come with a double-hook hang loop.

Dual Reflector System

The ability to capture and maximize light output is none other than the presence of a dual reflector system.

Power Meter

Black Diamond Apollo’s Power Meter allows for an easy read, i.e., the charge and battery level display.


Batteries: 4 AA

Weight: 7.2 Oz.

Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 ins. S

Pros and Cons


  • Saves the optimal amount of light for several purposes
  • The legs let you hang and set up anywhere
  • A good battery-saving lamp


  • None

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Black Diamond Orbit Lantern Reviews


Black Diamond Orbit Lantern is another impressive non-glaring, pocket-sized mini lantern. It is one of the best choices for trekking and backpacking because of its ultra-lightweight body. It also comes with a few fantastic features that help with visibility in the dark.



The Orbit Lantern uses a 1W LED bulb enclosed in a frosted globe for bright, non-glaring light. The maximum output is 60 Lumens.


With a special dimmer switch, brightness can be adjusted optimally.


Battery: 4 AAA. It also uses an NGR2 recharge kit with a battery power indicator to provide more power.

Weight: 3.2 Oz.

Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.6 x 2.5 ins.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight yet bright
  • Offers adjustment settings to its brightness
  • Convenient


  • None

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With the way mini lanterns are changing the camping experience, there are bound to be questions about them, especially those from Black Diamond.

Which is Better – Apollo or Orbit?

Black Diamond Apollo and Black Diamond Orbit are two top-rated mini lanterns from the brand; they are known to provide a great amount of light for visibility in the dark. Both mini lanterns are useful; however, the difference lies in their maximum output.

For instance, Apollo has 80 Lumens, while Orbit has 60 Lumens. Even though both have adjustment settings for brightness via the dimmer, the quality of light produced differs.

Are There Alternatives?

In place of these mini lanterns, i.e., Apollo and Orbit, the brand further produces alternatives like the Black Diamond Voyager (75 Lumens) and the Black Diamond Zip Lanterns.

Undoubtedly, these lanterns are good even if they differ in output, structure, and design. So, if you are not finding both Apollo and Orbit suitable to use, these alternatives could come in handy depending on the situation.


If you ever need a mini lantern for an ultimate camp experience, please don’t forget to check Black Diamond for some of the best types available. Moreover, this Black Diamond Mini Lanterns review has proven that you could get just the perfect thing you need for any outdoor overnight occasion.

Tell us which one you liked better in the comments below.

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