Estwing Survival Tomahawk and Double Bit Axe Review


Going for an adventure is fun, except you don’t always know what to take along. In survival situations, you might be thinking you packed too much when you didn’t get the essential things you need in the real sense. What do you think is missing? Find out in this review.

Often, people go camping or backpacking with the hope of having fun and spending quality time with nature; however, getting the right equipment could be a little tricky. One of many is a camp ax that would help you in fetching wood or cutting down trees. There are several ax brands available, but choosing the best is another task you have to figure out.

Estwing is one of the best brands in providing camp supplies and equipment such as ax, hammers, hatchets, etc. This brand has top-grade tools built with heavy-duty materials while combining lightweight quality and simplicity. Here, in Estwing Survival Tomahawk and Double Bit Axe Review, you are about to see what makes the brand a better choice.

Estwing Survival Tomahawk Axe

  • Description

Estwing Survival Tomahawk Axe is a fantastic tool for woodchopping business. Its design, i.e., balance and grip to blade ratio, can get work done smoothly and nicely. Indeed, it is a precise chopping tool supported for outdoor purposes to perform different tasks, including woodworking, kindling, etc.

  • Features

Construction: This lightweight hatchet is forged of Steel for excellent strength, durability, and lifetime performance. It features a patented shock reduction grip to reduce impact vibration up to 70%, making it outdoor-versatile. It also has a pick end construction for breaching, extrication, excavation, and other uses for chopping and kindling.

Sheath: Estwing Tomahawk 16.5” ax comes with a unique heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath. This USA-made tool uses the sheath to protect hand-sharpened cutting edge; thus, it helps maintain safety.

  • Pros

Great shock reduction quality

Durable and Reliable

Comfortable and Protective

  • Cons


Estwing Survival Double Bit Axe

  • Description

Estwing Double Bit Axe is another incredible woodwork tool from the brand forged with the best materials ever. It has two cutting edges, which differentiates it from other axes, especially the Tomahawk. You’ll find this tool useful for throwing and a bit of slicing; hence, it is an excellent choice for camp work.

  • Features

Construction: Estwing Double Bit Axe also has a maximum forged steel construction that guarantees excellent durability, strength, and long-lasting performance. It comes with two blade edges that make it suitable for chopping logs, splitting firewood, and slicing wood. More importantly, it features a patented shock reduction grip, so there is a reduction of impact vibration by 70%.

Sheath: The versatile outdoor hatchet comes with a heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath to protect hand sharpened cutting edge.

  • Pros

Excellent durability

Reduces shock vibration

Ideal for chopping wood, slicing, splitting firewood, etc.

Great strength

  • Cons


Buying Guide Questions

There are always questions to be answered about survival hatchets, especially those from the Estwing brand. Below are some of the frequently asked ones.

Which is Better – Tomahawk or Double Bit Axe?

The choice of what to use between an Estwing Survival Tomahawk and Double Bit Axe depends on the work you want to carry out. Each of these tools has its individually designed purposes, so they are used effectively. For instance, a Tomahawk Axe is perfect for chopping wood and boring holes into an object/wood; on the other hand, Double Bit Axe has two edges for throwing, slicing, and splitting.

Pick whatever you are comfortable with using for a particular activity between the two Estwing ax choices.

How Do I Pack Estwing Axe for a Survival Trip?

Packing an Estwing Axe for a trip is not difficult because it is lightweight and handy. However, if you are worried about the cutting edges, a protective sheath comes with the ax. With the nylon sheath covering the blades, it shouldn’t pose any threat on your journey.


Estwing Tomahawk and Double Bit Axe review is an incredible way to sell the brand for its woodworking benefits. With forged steel construction, incredible durability, and shock reduction grip quality, you are in for a long time of practical use.