The Council Tools Apocalaxe Review – Complete Overview

DIf your favorite outdoor activity is hunting, then you would spend more time outdoors than regular explorers. You would also need a lot of tools to make your activity more seamless and enjoyable. One of the equipment you would need is an axe uniquely designed for bushcraft and other purposes.

If you are looking for such a product, then you Apocalaxe manufactured by Council Tools. This Axe comes with unique features that hunters, survivalist,s and preppers require. We have reviewed the product for you in detail. Enjoy!

Council Apocalaxe Review

Key Features

Made From High Carbon Steel

If you are looking for a high-quality axe, then you should consider buying this product. The Axe is made from high carbon steel, which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. The razor edge is extra sharp, and you can cut through rigid materials with ease.

Uniquely Structured Axe

This Axe is made with unique features that separate it from other equipment. Designed with a grip behind the blade so you can hold and power through extremely tough materials. It also has a very sharp gut hook that allows for clean cuts on your bushcraft. It also has a hammerhead for nailing tent stakes.

Designed for Outdoor and Hunting Activities

This Axe is uniquely designed for outdoor and hunting activities. You can use it to slice up bushcraft, and you can use it to split up firewood. This Axe is designed for multiple purposes, and it will solve a wide range of problems when you are outdoors

Designed With a Black Powder-Coated Finish

If you want an axe that is easy to clean and resistant to rust, then you should buy this product. This Axe is made with a black coated finish that gives the Axe an elegant look.

Utilizes a Moulded Polymer Grip

This Axe comes with an extra-sharp razor head, and it can be harmful to your safety if you don’t handle it well. That is why the Axe is designed with a moulded polymer grip that fits perfectly with your fingers. You can hold it with ease and be sure you are safe.

Made in the USA

This Axe was manufactured in the USA, which says a lot about the quality of the product.


Brand name: COUNCIL

Length: 15 inches

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Built for Durability

Made with carbon steel, and that makes it resistant to corrosion. The polymer handle also allows for more strength.

Designed to Serve Many Purposes

If you want an axe that can perform multiple functions, then buy this product. Designed to help you cut with precision, open bottles, hit rigid materials and so on.

Built for Safety

This Axe utilizes a particular type of grip that allows your fingers to rest comfortably. This prevents slippage, and you can easily use your Axe without risking a foot injury.

Extra Sharp Razor Edge

If you plan to use this Axe to dissect tough bushmeat and other outdoor elements, you should go ahead and buy this product. This knife is uniquely designed with an extra sharp razor edge that allows you to cut through the most rigid materials with precision.

Built for Comfort

If you use this Axe, you don’t have to worry about feedback shock vibrations. This Axe comes with a molded polymer grip, and it absorbs the shock that comes from impact. You would be comfortable all through the period you use the Axe.


This Axe can serve many purposes, and it comes with value. However, the price is also budget-friendly, and it won’t hurt your pocket at all.

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The hammerhead is relatively small

If you plan to use this equipment to handle heavy-duty hitting tasks, you should reconsider buying this product. The hammerhead attached to this tool is relatively small, and it can only work for nails and small tent stakes.


Council Apocalaxe is a highly versatile and durable axe, well-suited for hunters, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Its high carbon steel construction ensures resistance to rust and corrosion, while the unique design features, such as the grip behind the blade, sharp gut hook, and hammerhead, enhance its functionality for a variety of tasks. The black powder-coated finish and moulded polymer grip not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also promote safety and comfort during use. Despite its relatively small hammerhead, which may limit its use in heavy-duty tasks, the affordability and overall quality of the Council Apocalaxe make it an excellent investment for those in need of a reliable and efficient tool for their outdoor adventures.

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