Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe Review – Full Guide, Advice & More

One of the aged of human tools, the axe has been utilized for innumerable millennia as a tool to mold, break and cut wood; and as a weapon to kill and injure animals and humans also.

Humans have taken off from generating axes out of stone to carving them out of copper, bronze, iron, and steel as technology has advanced.

Axe invention has also left from being a work of art to being something abundance of people manufactured in a big factory by robots.

Not so with Gränsfors Bruks axes.

These axes are, however, created by hand, by twelve skilled axe smiths, in a factory in the little village of Gränsfors in the heart of Sweden, and each endorsed axe head is engraved with the initials of the particular axe smith.

Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe Review

Gränsfors Bruk informs us that the family of Forest Axes are manufactured primarily to cut across the grain of the wood fibres, for instance when chopping down and limbing, instead to split logs where the axe moves along the grain of the wood fibres.


The Small Forest Axe performs as guaranteed and slashes adequately across the grain, both in larger logs and smaller branches. This is what it’s manufactured for, and it demonstrates it.

When discussing how splitting moves, you can discern that chopping the firewood was no mate for it also, although it did get held the first try with the fresh chunk of wood. That’s due to the fact that the axe head is thinner correlated to a splitting axe that would strike the wood apart.

Construction Quality

Even from clasping the axe and utilizing it in the woods we can boldly say its quality is top notch workmanship, but let us explain to you how they create these axes and you might fetch a notion of how much labour and energy is rendered into carving one of these.

All Gränsfors Bruk’s axes commenced out as a square rod of carbon steel from the Swedish steel company Ovako, and it’s a steel with a moderately high carbon volume to purportedly make it perfect steel for axe heads. Not too hard. Not too soft. “Lagom” as we’d explain in Swedish.

The steel is heated to 1200 degrees Celsius till it possesses a red-yellowish color, and then the axe smith carries the steel and toils it in a big press virtually an enormous hammer that hits the steel 80 times per minute with a pressure of 180 tons.

Gradually but certainly the axe smith helps the square steel rod into an axe head, and when he’s accomplished and has authorized it he engraves his initials into it and slings it up for cooling.

These axes seize a pretty nice palpitation in the quality supervision as well. After the tumbling, every axe head is sampled by hitting on the edge’s corners with a hammer and inspecting that no cracking has happened.

gransfors bruk small forest axe review

Ease of Use

In as much as you maintain the axe sharp it’s simple to utilize and pleasant to operate with for simple to normal cutting and even some chopping. You obtain an adequate hold on the grip and when you’re not utilizing it you can effortlessly keep it in your backpack or attach it on your belt utilizing the leather sheath.

The low weight of only 0,9 kg (2 lb) earns this axe less than favourable for cutting firewood. For huge splitting axes the weight and shape of the axe head give a lot of the splitting strength, but for the Small Forest Axe you’ll have to reimburse with your personal muscle power.


You don’t have to perform much maintenance to protect this axe in excellent shape year after year, but the infrequent maintenance plods you should put up with are vital yet moderately easy.

Firstly, you should reserve the Small Forest Axe in a cool and dry spot, because if it’s extremely warm the grip can weaken in the axe head. Therefore, even though it’s a nice axe to peek at, we will warn against hanging it on the wall above the fireplace.

Next, to deter the axe head from corroding you can pertain to a tiny coat of grease on the head after usage.

Third, to offer the handle some love you can similarly put in a thin coat of oil from time to time, for instance teak oil curtailed with turpentine.

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  • Relatively well carved.
  • Feels solid.


  • Availability can be stopped.
  • Bounty price affixed to brand.

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What’s the Guarantee Like?

Since 1995 Gränsfors Bruk has given a 20year guarantee on all of their axes, however, it only pertains to the axe head alone and not the Hickory handle or the leather sheath.

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The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe compels for a light pack axe. The all-around execution is nigher to a hatchet than an axe.

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