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Nothing is more important to a survivalist than his gear because it ultimately determines what happens to him during an adventure. Every survivalist has things significant to them; sometimes, it may vary, but in the real sense, they are all towards the same goal – surviving. These things are called essentials, meaning they are a must-have regardless of whatever situation you may encounter, either alone or with a group of other survivalists.

A significant thing about the survival gear is that it contains some handy tools that can be used for different purposes. For instance, you could find paracords, hatchets, multi-pliers, knives, machetes, etc.

Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet

Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet Review

Founded over a century ago, Gransfors Bruks stands out as a premier manufacturer of handcrafted tools like axes and hatchets. The company’s commitment to quality from production to usage has earned widespread acclaim among survivalists. In fact, half of the survivalists you’ll meet likely own a product from this iconic brand.

The Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet epitomizes top-notch performance and exceptional quality, firmly positioning itself as a frontrunner in the hatchet market. Competing brands often strive to reach its high standard. This hatchet simplifies small ax tasks significantly, showcasing its superiority in both design and functionality.



An incredible thing about Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet is that it combines a simple design with heavy-duty features to deliver a good performance. Its craftsmanship is practical; it uses a broad blade to get things done, like felling small trees, splitting firewood, and cutting down limbs. Indeed, it is an excellent addition to every survivalist’s gear.


What makes a hatchet different from an ax is the handle it uses. For a hatchet like Gransfors Bruks, the 10.5-inch short handle does more than enough. It features tactical-like depressions so that the grip stays ergonomic and enhances more control; your fixed finger positioning would make work more comfortable to do over a long time without pain.


Following the hatchet is a vegetable-tanned leather sheath that offers adequate protection. With this sheath, the sharp edges are covered, preventing it from damage by external factors and storage, i.e., backpack.


Additionally, the hatchet comes with a 36-page illustrated booklet to help you get a proper understanding of how to use hatchets, especially in survival.

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  • Great blade quality
  • Lightweight and Portable for outdoor purposes
  • The sheath is heavy-duty and protective


Smaller handles compared to other popular hatchets

Buying Guide Questions

Below are some of the important questions people have about the Gransfors Bruks Hatchet.

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Can Anyone Have a Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet?

Having a hand hatchet means you have a reason for wanting to. In this review, survivalists are the target audience; however, other people who find the need to use it for tasks like falling short trees can have it.

How Long Can You Use Gransfors Bruks Hatchet?

Gransfors Bruks is one brand you should trust because of the quality of its products. They combine portability, versatility, and most importantly, durability to ensure their hand tools deliver something beyond incredible – what you wouldn’t expect from a conventional hatchet brand.

So, if you ask how long to use the brand’s hatchet, a lifetime is a great way to answer, but that comes with proper maintenance.

What to Choose – Axe or Hatchet?

An Axe and a Hatchet are similar in functions, but the only difference between them is the length of their handles. Axes are perfect for heavy-duty operations and are quite the load to carry from one location to another; on the other hand, hatchets are great for light tasks and are portable. Thus, you will have to consider the tasks ahead before choosing between either; if you have the money, you could get both.


Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet review is undoubtedly what most survivalists need to make up their mind on the choice of tools to take along on their next mission. If there is anything to take from here, it is that: hatchets are always useful, and they aren’t heavy to carry like the axes.

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