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The Fiskars X7 Hatchet has existed over for numerous years now. Its vogue is thriving and as such, we felt it reasonable to complete a review. Is it worth $35 or not? We’ll do our best to resolve that issue for you but to tally stuff up promptly, it all banks on how you’re going to utilize it. Prior we start discussing about the hatchet, let’s put up with a sharp glance at the Fiskars corporation.

Fiskars was organized in 1649 in Finland. The name of the town? You presumed it; Fiskars! Since their onsets, they’ve been accountable for the invention of an entire throng of equipment. You may recognize Fiskars for their orange scissors, which the firm declares to have sold further than 1 billion of them. Fiskars new measure says 63% of all US citizens possess at least one commodity made from them. The company still produces scissors and different equipment today

Fiskars X7 Hatchet Review


A short visit to Fiskars US-based website divulges 18 different equipment in the axe and maul category alone. They deliver hookaroons, log hooks, log tongs, splitting mauls, brush axes, hatchets, splitting axes and extra. All of which are adequately priced, at least deemed to other brands. Their X7 hatchet, for instance, usually operates between $25 – $35 bucks.

Differentiate that price of a hand-forged axe from another corporation and you’re easily looking at a $70 difference. Based on the price only, it’s susceptible to discern why several people are eager in it.

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Size and Weight

The size for us is precise which is why we selected this model in the first position. It is huge sufficient to take down developed saplings which are favorable for shelter facilities as well as process enormous quantities of firewood and materials. You can adjust it innermost most bags or utilize the plastic holster to bolt in on your belt if you desire.

The Cutting Edge

The greatly crucial aspect is the cutting edge. Whereas, the major purpose you get an axe is for slicing wood. Whether you’re dividing igniting, chopping down a tree, or splitting firewood, you require a good bit.

You can discover numerous posts online about this special hatchet. Several of which retain something to achieve with the steel Fiskars utilizes and what the edge retention looks like. People have professed to spend well more than 30 minutes helping the edge just to earn it relatively sharp. Others assert expending even additional time will give you the wished results.


The durability is certainly one of the fundamental discussion steps for this review. While the steel Fiskars uses isn’t the first rate, the handle is amazingly great. For real, we are liable to shy off from crossbred handled axes because you can’t restore the handle when it stops working. Excluding that, we just love the touch of a wooden handle.


Not everyone intends to utilize this hatchet in the same way. While you might be looking for a cheap camping hatchet, someone else could be looking for a survival hatchet. What you need the Fiskars X7 for is your business but we’re available to enable you to see the characters in this tool so you can infer whether or not it’s a nice option for you and your desires.

It’s extremely light – considerable for conveyance.

Possesses built-in storage – in the grip.

The main thing we like to deal with is the weight of the X7. Those of you gaping for a light-weight hatchet for camping or hiking, find no more. The all-around weight is 1.38 lbs. It will fit adequately in most backpacks and you’ll hardly catch a glimpse of the additional weight. Due to restricted space, a hiker or survivalist will normally opt for something with a shorter grip but at 14 inches, it’s not a terrible choice.


  • Articulated with blade-grinding technology.
  • Flimsy.
  • Last long.
  • Very noticeable, deterring casualties.
  • Manufactured for periodic normal usage


  • Irregular image could put off traditionalists
  • Not an acceptable option for bigger chores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Worth the Money?

Eventually, the explanation to the question you’ve been waiting for. It’s difficult to answer that question without early understanding of what you’re utilizing the Fiskars X7 for. This hatchet stores quality into a little, light-weight, cheap package. The price is the major selling point and the price is what our explanation hinges on.


The final version for this Fiskars X7 Hatchet Review is a nice one. The edge is easy to sharpen and retains its sharpness for a reasonable period, bringing about easy work of less wood and adopting anything huger without waiting.

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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