Gerber Dime Review – Complete Overview, Guidelines & More

The Gerber Dime was designed to be the tool you constantly have on you. It’s little, coming in at 2.8 inches when impenetrable and weighing just 2.2 oz. The tools you’re eligible to settle into something that minor will inevitably be less competent and strong than those on enormous size multi-tools.

This isn’t intended to be your solely multi-tool. It’s inferred to be the equipment that you can take with you no matter where you’re going. It’s little adequately to conform to your keychain and fragile ample that you won’t actually recognize it’s there. Gerber proposes the Dime in two versions and several distinct colors.

Gerber Dime Review

The Gerber Dime comes with 12 tools in a basic butterfly clear package. Diverse to the preponderance of Gerber’s extra multi-tools none of the tools on the Dime lock clear. The lesser version of the Dime, the Dime travel, also gives 12 tools.

It’s crucial to discern when reviewing these tools that we were estimating from an angle. It’s conveyed that the tools on the Dime aren’t as competent as those on enormous-sized multi-tools. What we’re finding is how they hold up and task for everyday chores.


The Gerber Dime is accessible in many numerous color choices and two finales. The colors are

  • purple
  • red
  • black
  • and green

while the vacant finishes are

  • black oxide
  • stainless steel.

The Gerber Dime is constructed around portability. Everything else, from tool loadout to material quality, is lesser than that.

The thin metal used to develop such a little multi-tool just isn’t tough adequately for any large application. Crucial joints and attachment points belt and gives way with normal use.


Pliers and Wire Cutters

The pliers in the Dime have a needle-like nose point and a basic plier grip beneath them. They’re spring effort and pop free well. We’ll be factual, these pliers aren’t particularly useful. They have a satisfactory bite pattern on them but the size of the handle doesn’t enable you to apply any real torque.

You might be able to swivel a very small bolt, but even that’s in doubt. Another problem is the several announcements of broken spring arms, cracked plier joints, and comprehensive breakdown during normal usage

Knife Blade

The knife blade on the typical Gerber Dime has an upright blade and comes in at just hardly an inch long. Surprisingly, it doesn’t retain a conventional point but something nearer to a modified sheepsfoot blade shape.

The blade isn’t especially sharp right from the manufacturer but was susceptible to sharpen up to a good razor edge. The minor size of the blade suggests you won’t be utilizing this for extensively more than chopping string, opening packets, and perhaps chopping a very little piece of fruit.

Scissors and Tweezers

The scissors on the Dime is portable but useful. They cut through paper relatively well but aren’t very as helpful as those on some extra multi-tools of identical sizes. There have been accounts of the scissor spring arm breaking continually with normal and actual light usage but we can’t certainly use this against the Dime. Lots of micro multi tools share this difficulty, with all producers performing a pretty nice duty respecting warranty repair.

Anyone who’s ever acquired a Swiss army knife will identify the thin metal structure of the tweezers. They split similar cases all tweezers of this manner do, absence of holding stability and bargain. We found it hard to pull a clasp of little items and very hard to certainly get a clasp on something like a persistent splinter.

Bottle and Package Opener, Zipper Pull

The Gerber Dime doesn’t possess a formal multi-tool bottle/can opener combination tool. Rather, the body of the tool itself is molded into a bigger bottle opener that functions relatively well for its planned objective.

Package Opener

The package opener is something we’ve begun to discern in a lot of important priced and mini-sized multi-tools. The one on the Dime functions well, effortlessly chopping through packing tape and envelopes without any problems. On the Dime Travel, the packet open is restored with a zipper pull equipment to get around the blade limitation.

Screwdrivers, File, and Lanyard Ring

There are two distinct types of screwdrivers on the Dime, a flathead driver and a cross driver hoped to be utilized in Phillip’s head screws. The flathead driver is moderate-sized and functions as well as could be wanted for something of its size.

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Pros and Cons


  • Highly compact.
  • Mainly helpful tools.
  • Beautiful design
  • Warranty swiftly fulfilled.
  • Economical.


  • Pliers hard to use
  • Black oxide finishes promptly.
  • Delicate feeling steel
  • Lanyard ring susceptible to accidentally smash.

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Gerber Dime ReviewFAQs

Who’s the Gerber Dime For?

The Gerber Dime is for anyone who wishes to ensure they often possess at least some tools with them. It provides you with a tool at hand to swivel a small screw or obtain a better grip on something.

What is the Gerber Dime Multi-Tool?

The Gerber Dime is a compact multi-tool designed for everyday carry. It measures 2.8 inches when closed, weighs 2.2 oz, and includes 12 different tools. It is small enough to fit on a keychain and comes in various colors and two finishes.

Who is the Gerber Dime designed for?

The Gerber Dime is ideal for anyone who wants to have a basic set of tools always at hand. It’s perfect for small tasks like turning a tiny screw or getting a better grip on small items.

What tools are included in the Gerber Dime?

The Gerber Dime includes pliers, wire cutters, a knife blade, scissors, tweezers, a bottle opener, a package opener, screwdrivers, a file, and a lanyard ring.

What are the color options for the Gerber Dime?

The Gerber Dime is available in purple, red, black, and green colors. It also comes in black oxide and stainless steel finishes.

How does the Gerber Dime compare to larger multi-tools?

The Gerber Dime is smaller and less robust than larger multi-tools. It is not intended for heavy-duty tasks but rather for convenience and basic everyday uses.

Are there any known issues with the Gerber Dime?

Some users have reported issues with the pliers, such as difficulty in usage and durability concerns. The scissors and tweezers may also lack the strength needed for more demanding tasks.

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The Gerber Dime is no one’s option for the best multi-tool. It’s extremely small to be actually helpful for maximum chores and also hazardous to be put through severe practice. Despite that, we love this little tool. It was never indicated to match with full-size tools in either strength or efficacy. It’s small sufficiently to comfortably suit your keychain and light adequately to constantly be with you.