Gerber Suspension Review – Everything You Should Be Aware Of

Pocket survival tools are always easy and ready to access, making them more glorified than other tools or items for outdoor purposes. It even gets better if these tools come as a set – a multi-tool; it wouldn’t be so difficult knowing you have several tool options in a single one. Recently, most survivalists are beginning to opt-in for this option because there are many things a multi-tool can do for them.

Having a multi-tool is getting the right one; there are many on the market with little to zero performance. If you find the best multi-tool, you won’t have to worry about what it would do for you because it will always be outstanding. In this Gerber Suspension review, you are about to see a multi-plier that makes a lot of difference, giving the multi-tool business a better rep.

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Gerber Suspension Multi-plier

Gerber Suspension Review


Gerber Gear has invested so much in making survival tools with top-notch quality, including outstanding multi-tools. Different versions of the brand’s multi-tools exist; one of them is the Suspension, a large multi-tool perfect for various purposes. That being said, Gerber Suspension is a budget-friendly choice, packed with different features or tools that guarantee a more straightforward performance.


The Gerber multi-tool has an incredible set of features, and they include;

Material Construction

Gerber Suspension Multi-plier has a Stainless-Steel body construction that offers excellent durability and strength. Its strong construction achieves a lightweight feel and makes sure it is safe and user-friendly. It houses about 12 tools, including spring-loaded pliers, rough cut saw, serrated knife, fine-edge knife, etc., all of whose construction materials are in the best forms.


The next incredible feature is the precise-engineered Aluminum butterfly-opening handle for easy accessibility to all the tools packed into the multi-plier. In this lightweight open-frame handle is a Saf.T.Plus component locking system for the safety and security of the tools. More importantly, there is a secure release button for user-friendly performance.


This multi-tool has a nylon ballistic-cloth sheath for utmost protection when in and out of use.

  • Weight is 9.6 Oz.
  • Dimensions are 4 x 1 x 6 ins.
  • Length is 4 ins.
  • Lifetime Warranty

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  • It comes with 12 fantastic tool components
  • Lightweight and Reliable User-friendly design
  • Great locking system
  • Easy accessibility with excellent versatility
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sheath offers good protection


  • Durability is not all at its best
  • Not perfect for everyday use.

Buying Guide Questions

Anyone who wants to buy a multi-plier like Gerber Suspension’s must have some questions about its use and performance. Below are some of them.

How Durable is the Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier?

The durability of Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier is quite questionable, especially when it is compared to other Gerber models. Undoubtedly, this multi-tool is good with excellent body materials, but its durability is the least of its attributes. With that being the situation, you could easily say that it cannot be used all the time; hence, it is not the ideal EDC.

Is the Suspension Multi-Plier an EDC?

As mentioned earlier, there are some things that the multi-plier lacks; one of them is the strength to withstand impact. If this Suspension multi-tool falls, there is a good chance that it would break and become useless. Therefore, it isn’t always referred to as an EDC tool, even though it is lightweight and simple.

If Not Gerber Suspension, What Else?

Gerber Suspension isn’t the only multi-tool on the planet; there are other types from different top-rated brands in the business. There are also other multi-tools that Gerber Gear has to offer; one of them is the Gerber MP600 Multi-plier which is the absolute best. Thus, if you are looking for an alternative from this same brand, the MP600 is another great choice to pick.


There are many high-quality multi-tools you can get for the money; however, only a few are budget-friendly. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier is one of few with the best intentions, especially outdoors, providing all the basic tools for getting things done.

Hopefully, with this Gerber Suspension review, you are convinced that you should get the multi-tool; there are always other options from the brand if you are not.

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