How to Survive Extreme Winter – Full Guide,Tips & More

Weather is always changing, and every part of the year gives us something different. We enjoy the summer, fall, spring, and autumn during the year, and as the season draws to a close, we are blessed with one of the most wonderful sights of the year; Winter.

Winter is beautiful, and families in America look forward to it. The snow falls, and the holiday season allows you to witness this beauty with your friends and family. You can play all kinds of outdoor games, and children can get creative with their snow designs.

Although winter is beautiful, it comes with one major drawback; the cold. The cold that the winter brings is quite strong, and it will require you to prepare extensively in advance.

Extreme winters will see heavy snowfall that probably covers small buildings. Before this period comes, you have to get yourself and your loved ones all the necessary gear you would need to scale through the season.

In this article, we have outlined practical ways how to survive extreme winter.

How to Survive Extreme Cold During the Winter?

How to Survive Extreme Winter

Below are some of the practical ways to avoid the extreme cold that comes with winter.

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Maintain the Right Body Temperature

The most important thing you have to worry about during winter is your body heat. If you plan to go out during the winter or think of going for extended outdoor activity, you have to make sure that you keep your body temperature stable enough.

If you don’t do this, you run the risk of hypothermia and other cold-related sicknesses. Your body can lose heat when you come in contact with cold surfaces. Your body will also lose heat if you are sweating excessively.

Sweating is the body’s way of lowering its temperature, and some biologists even refer to it as the air conditioning system of the body.

Your body can also lose heat through airflow. When a chilling wind blows, your body temperature will drop for a time. Conclusively, you have to avoid losing body heat as best as you can.

Get the Right Clothing and Dress Appropriately

This is probably the most important thing to do as regards surviving extreme winters. Your clothing is very important, and the way you dress is very important.

Technology has done us many goods; these days, you can find heated jackets, heated gloves, heated stockings, and other types of heated clothing in online stores. Wearing and maintaining heated clothing can see you through the winter periods.

However, if you don’t have access to heated clothing, you have to make do with what you have. The important thing is to dress appropriately and avoid overdressing because that can cause perspiration, which would lower your body temperature.

It would be best if you also refrain from wearing tight clothes during the winter. Your blood is already having enough difficulty flowing, and there is no need to make that process harder.

When winter comes, you should already have enough warm clothing to be able to dress in layers. Along with that, you should have an overall coat that is designed mainly to keep the cold out. It would be best if you also had a hat or a thick head warmer capable of fully covering your ears.

It would be best if you also had thick gloves or mittens that will keep your fingers warm. Cold fingers can lead to a string of nerve illnesses. It would be best if you also had a pair of stockings, and you would probably want to wear two at once. Your shoes should also be waterproof, and the clothing should not leave spaces on your ankles or wrists.

Eat Filling Food and Stay Hydrated

Food can be an important source of fat and heat in our bodies. When you eat filling foods in the winter, your body tends to spend an incredible amount of energy digesting it, leading to more body heat.

You should also take warm tea or hot chocolate along with these yummy meals. It is important to stay hydrated during the winter. This is because, during winter, we don’t feel thirsty because of the extreme cold.

However, it is essential to note that dehydration often occurs during this period because our bodies lose a lot of water due to respiratory fluid loss resulting from breathing.

Our sweat is also quickly evaporated by the cold, so we don’t notice that we are thirsty. It is important to drink water (preferably warm water) regularly during this period.

Get an Extra Source of Heat

Even if you have already done everything above, you might still need to get an extra source of heat. Whether you are in your house, your car, or you are engaged in an outdoor activity somewhere, as long as it is winter, you need to keep yourself warm using external means.

Most homes in America have air conditioning systems that keep their houses warm. Most cars also have warm conditioners. If you don’t have access to electrical warmth, then you build a fireplace.

Fireplaces have been popular for a long time, and they are quite effective in keeping people warm. If you are outdoors, a well set up campfire will do the trick for you.

Another means that people use to get warmth is by smoking or drinking alcohol. This might seem effective physically, but it kills your system gradually, and it defeats the whole purpose of your surviving in the first place.

A few bottles of alcohol with close friends are not bad, but they should not be done in excess.

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Winter is a great time of the year, and it gets even better when you are adequately prepared for it. The mood, the feeling, and the holiday season should be all about you and your family. It will be regrettable if someone suffers a winter-related illness that could easily have been avoided by better preparation.

This is why we have put together this article to explain how to survive, even in extreme winters. Climate change is here to stay, and winter gets colder every year, hence protecting yourself and your family.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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