Leatherman Raptor Shears Scissors Review – Complete Overview

Taking its directions from medical and private ops experts, the Leatherman’s Raptor Shears have six diverse tools comprising scissors, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a glass breaker, and an oxygen tank wrench, and a ruler. Restricting these Survival Scissors to six tools is like believing a hammer only performs one function.

In fact, there are so multiple usages for important pairs of Survival Scissors that once you possess a pair, you will no longer forfeit the money they cost. And putting up with a nod from their profitable multitools, these cutters fold up to about half their functional length and store neatly in either arrangement in their matching plastic strap sheath.

On the other angle of that same coin, Leatherman pulled a page out of their own multitools playbook by incorporating the assertive chops of military-grade medical shears with the bling of multitools.  Leatherman manufactured an extremely important, permanent, and lightly feature-filled pair of shears that seems to retain no explicit rivalry in the Survival Scissors space.

Leatherman Raptor Shears Scissors Review.

In importance, it is a recurrence of the initial days of Leatherman where the Multitools was the sole significant adversary in its self-created space so ready yourself for a flood of tactical shears arriving in the marketplace in a few year’s time.

These medical shears are prepared from 420HC stainless steel. 420 High Carbon stainless steel is a high-quality component for bladed tools.

Top-quality knife producers such as Gerber and Buck utilize this steel solely for their knives. 420 Stainless is the exact metal borrowed in surgical scalpels for illustration and the 420HC can be sent to a higher hardness than 420. This renders the blade very resistant to damage and rust.

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The Raptor is what you’d predict from Leatherman’s rugged layout and enormous craftsmanship. As an EMT, you normally utilize whatever shears were in the go-bag. But after buying the Raptor you will realize what you’ve been missing. You will instantly buy another set for your personal vehicle bag as well.

While normally you can discover numerous unique brands of an item that will specialize, the Raptor is in a class in its own.

Leatherman raptor shears scissors review


If you’re a first responder, the Raptor’s numerous tools are moderately obvious, even if you’re not, nevertheless, it’s an excellent possession. The proverb that it’s nicer to have and not want reaches into play here, while you might never utilize the oxygen tank wrench, for example, you might discover yourself in the desire of a seat belt cutter.

It likewise features a ring cutter and carbide window punch. That’s over and above the 420HC stainless steel shears themselves, which climb through just about any type of fabric with zero problem.


The Raptor was eligible to cut through all the clothes and cardboard with a normal degree of struggle. It brought about a substantial cut into the penny, nicer than all the other shears.

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  • Shears slice through any type of clothing a responder will face, ranging from leather to jeans and also a Kevlar vest.
  • Objectively constructed for medical emergencies, no other needless tools.
  • Prepared high-quality materials.
  • The blade remains sharp even with normal use. No more having to utilize multiple sets of shears because you had to slice through boots, jeans, and coats, among others.
  • Conserve’s money in the long run. Not only do the Raptors arrive with 6 tools but they protect the user from having to acquire new EMS shears when inexpensive ones decline to function.
  • The included sheath renders it a simple addition to an occurring kit.


  • Some EMS providers will be worried to spend a huge amount of money on a set of shears.
  • Cleaning. These shears are tough to tidy up. The Leatherman possesses a lot of corners and niches this makes a wonderful position for blood and other fluids to hide.
  • A two-handed operation is needed to open shears.

What is the disparity between the utility holster and the Molle holster for the Raptor?

The utility holster is manufactured to clip onto a strap and the Molle holster is manufactured to clip onto the Molle tactical system.


Survival shears such as the Raptor are not only a great gift for the prepped who amasses everything, they are similarly dang close to necessary. And the Raptors are one of those amazing tools that you didn’t realize how much you wanted until you own it.

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