Locker Down Extreme Centre Console Safe Jeep Gladiator Ld2070ex Review – Detailed Guide

The all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator is proceeding to amaze the world as extra and more of them are apparent on the road. The deliveries of the hotly expected Gladiator began just as the summer was learning underway and people are understanding that the midsize pickup is further than only a stretched Jeep Wrangler.

There are many fundamental characteristics that drivers will want to glimpse in their fresh cars, no matter who the maker or model is.

The rear seats can fold up to indicate a definitive open storehouse bin, which oversees the area under the seat for keeping numerous items. Even nicer, you can obtain an elective lockable bin. The bin is completely invisible when the seats are crumpled back down.

Locker Down Extreme Centre Console Safe – Jeep Gladiator Ld2070ex Review

The locking bin gives safe storage space when the top or doors are eliminated. The locking storage bin captions two various size doors that conform to the 60/40 split back seat cushion. Removable separators let you oversee the box into five different cavities and utilize the exact lock as the glove box and center console.

But that isn’t all. The rear seats are particularly formulated to be undivided to the Gladiator. The seats feature segment-leading hind legroom. The fresh layout for the seats also authorizes the seats to be closed up in place so that you can have other storage behind the seat backs. The rear seats can be tucked flat to deliver a load floor for bigger items. When the back seats are crumpled flat, LED lights on the quarter trim panels to illuminate the storage space behind the seats. Two storehouse nets deliver even further safe storage.

The Jeep Gladiator enhances even additional storage by expanding mesh pockets that expand the whole length of the doors. The mesh renders it simple to conserve phones or other minor items that can be jerked when you are navigating off-road or through a more rocky landscape.

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Vehicle Fit

Locker down vehicle safes was manufactured and constructed by Texans with an increased level of basic durability, safety, glamour, and fit. They were manufactured to be high-quality products at an acceptable price and lauded for their near-perfect equipment.

12_gauge Cold Rolled Plate Steel Enduring Strength and a Smooth Cleaner Finish

Manufactured from 12_Gauge cold rolled plate steel ensures tremendous strength while similarly smooth and precise surface finish. The cold-rolled procedure permits for more prices shape which also authorizes for a decent console and comfortable fit in your automobile.

Domestically Sourced Steel

Locker down-priced themselves in developing products utilizing materials that originated from no other place else than the USA.

Drill Resistant Locks Ensuring Against Drill Attack

Are you bothered about drill attacks to the lock? Don’t be bothered or panic, the outstanding antidrilling lock that arrives with this lock to staves off the interior mechanism by cracking open or being permeated even with increased tension drilling.

7_sided Tubular Cam Locks

This cam lock features 7 different walls on both the key and spindle device thereby heightening the grade of safety above the regular normal round tubular locks.

Counterbalance Door and Spring-Aided Pivots Permit for Simple, No-Effort Opening

Quick and abrupt doors permit susceptible and timely entry. The counterbalanced door with spring enabled hinges and pivots enables the door to promptly crack clear whenever it is unlocked.

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  • Very adequately built,
  • Top quality materials.
  • Huge, simple to install.


  • The softest console plastic appears to exist in the front where there is no protection.
  • Consumers find it hard to install.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the Locker Down Extreme Centre Console Safe for the Jeep Gladiator? It is a specially designed, highly durable safe that provides secure storage in the Jeep Gladiator. It is known for its strength, safety, and compatibility with the Gladiator’s interior.

What are the key features of this Centre Console Safe? Key features include 12-gauge cold rolled plate steel construction, domestically sourced steel, drill-resistant locks, 7-sided tubular cam locks, and a counterbalance door with spring-aided pivots for easy access.

How does the Centre Console Safe enhance the security of stored items? The safe’s drill-resistant locks and 7-sided tubular cam locks significantly increase security against forced entry, making it ideal for storing valuable items securely in the vehicle.

Additional Features and Considerations

Are there any other storage enhancements in the Jeep Gladiator? Yes, the Jeep Gladiator also includes mesh pockets that run the length of the doors for easy storage of phones or other small items, especially useful in off-road conditions.

What are some pros and cons of the Centre Console Safe? Pros include robust build quality, high-quality materials, and easy installation. A con noted by some users is that the console plastic in the front lacks protection, which may be a concern for some.

What was the motivation behind creating the Centre Console Safe? The motivation was to create a product that is both safe and stylish, meeting strict standards of durability and security, without compromising the vehicle’s aesthetics.


Is the Centre Console Safe a recommended addition for Jeep Gladiator owners? Yes, for those seeking enhanced security and storage solutions within their Jeep Gladiator, the Locker Down Extreme Centre Console Safe is a highly recommended addition. It offers both security and style, aligning with the rugged and versatile nature of the Gladiator.

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