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This top-of-the-line tool is a trucker’s best friend. You’ll experience genuine comfort with this powerful tool in the car underneath you if owners remove items stuck in tires, fixing (or demolishing) pallets, or cut away ice and fallen trees. Most tools are replaced by the Trucker’s Friend to make your climbing, hiking, cycling, or another off-road trip safer and more pleasant.

If you’re cutting or chopping. Experts and Furniture makers alike will find the Trucker’s Friend an essential addition to their toolkits. You’ll be pleased to have the company of this remarkable and durable multi-tool on the construction site, in your household workshop, around the garden, or in the back seat of your car.

The Trucker’s Friend can be a real massive help in any circumstance that involves smashing, cutting, dragging, or hammering, whether it’s fighting your escape out of a crashed vehicle, prying up rubble to rescue a helpless victim, or for violent self-defense. Experts in the field of search and rescue utilize it.

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Truckers Friend Shft Tool Review



The Trucker Friend is a robust and multi-purpose tool that includes an ax (completely resharpenable), spanner wrench, crowbar, grapple hook, wire twist, claw hammer nail puller, tire chain hook, and more. About any tasks that require hacking, ripping, smashing, hammering, reconstruction, or even self-defense, leave it in your car, back yard, equipment chest, or go-bag. With this simple tool on-site, you’ll feel genuine comfort whether it’s workday or doomsday scenarios. It’s a beautiful present and a must-have for emergency situations and great camping. Even so, we could all use a friend. Significant truckers’ secret weapon is presently accessible by anyone



The handle is designed with durable material to make those complex tasks a tiny bit simpler. The entire tool isn’t nearly as heavy as one would have expected. Don’t think about the blade of this tool is powerful enough for all those tasks it can perform. It is preheated for extra power. It also won’t rust thanks to its Top rust-resistant coat. Let’s take a closer look at the Trucker’s Friend. It measures 19.25 inches in length. Its corporate side is composed of a coating method cast iron steel blade and weighs just 2.4 pounds. It has a strong fiberglass handle with a Shock Reducing PowerGrip” on top. The edge is also entirely resharpenable, according to the manufacturer. The company that produces it also offers a lifetime no-hassle, no-cost substitute guarantee. In an age of one-year restricted guarantees and poor customer care, it’s encouraging to see a company able to make such a commitment on a heavy-duty hand tool.


The handle on the Trucker’s Friend is made of the greatest fiberglass possible, making it more challenging, sturdier, and easier to use. People may also use this tool outside without worry of the handle being destroyed, as a wooden handle will, and if you bruise the handle, it will only be a minor issue for fiberglass but may be severe for wood. The truckers Friend also has a thick, textured rubber handle for a secure grip.

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  • It is durable
  • Can be used as a defensive tool
  • It can be used for different purposes


  • It is heavy
  • It is expensive
  • It does not come with a sheath

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it something you could throw?

Can throw just about everything. However, the weight seems a little off for a throwing weapon.

Is there a sheath included?

No, it does not come with a sheath, but the sheath can be purchased.


The original Trucker’s Friend is a multi-purpose tool that is made to last and crafted exceptionally for experienced truck drivers. With this powerful tool on-site, you’ll feel intense calmness in any circumstance that needs cutting, prying, dragging, or smashing. It has a variety of components for a small hand tool.

Hacking, hitting, pulling, and smashing are all things you can do with it. A hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, wire twist for eliminating safety seals, ice/debris remover, ax, and a pry bar are among the tool’s development features.

Given all of these features, it’s easy to see how it might help preppers in the case of an SHTF circumstance, expected or otherwise.

Consider how the Trucker’s Friend can be used in the wake of a storm to pry yourself out of the destruction from within or as a rescue worker to work your way through a collapsed building. It’s also perfect for clearing up and cleaning up thoroughly.

This method can be used for both destruction and creation.

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