Gerber crucial review


The Gerber Crucial conforms squarely in the inside in tenures of folding multi-tool statures. Not extremely small where heavy-duty usage would be harmful to the tool but not also large that it would be a disturbance to prepare on your body everyday in your pant purses.

Ahead with the five only true tools and the integrated depth carry pocket clip, the Crucial is EDC perfect.

The Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool’s stylized hollow holds aren’t for appearance but comfortable and it matches great. Augmenting grip, convenience and accuracy when utilizing the pliers.

A trend that’s still somewhat unusual among folding multi-tools as most are identical proportional blocks.

There are no flexible parts to this tool. The grips are steel. There’s similarly a steel pocket bolt connected to one side.


Pliers and Wire Cutters

The pliers on the Crucial are solely accessible in a needle_nose format, though they similarly possess a normal plier region as well. We discover the teeth on the pliers to set up satisfactorily and offer you an appropriate grip. The only problem we retained was with the form of the grips.

Gerber left with a contentious curl on the Crucial’s core line. We saw it really uneasy to squeeze the handles when attempting to swivel a persistent nut or clench onto something with weight. One aspect would constantly gouge into the fleshy part of your palm while the other just didn’t fit. All-around not an enormous grip structure for involving actual torque.

The wire cutters were another disheartening element. Gerber describes them as “V-cut” wire cutters but they certainly weren’t as nice as those on different multitools. They were formulated to join together fairly than overlap but we discovered that they always had difficulty winning through even median measure copper wire. Hard wire was just about difficult to cut down, particularly bestowed the uneasy grips.

Knife Blade

There’s just a sole knife blade on the Crucial, a 2.2 in variety blade with a completed point. It arrived from the manufacturer quite sharp and was simple to set a fresh edge on but didn’t maintain it for long. The steel appeared to be somewhat soft distinguished to different multi tools and folding knives. As long as you don’t care for regular sharpening it’s an active blade at an adequate size.

Carabiner/Bottle Opener

The hodgepodge carabiner and bottle opener on the Gerber Crucial was certainly one of our favourite characteristics. It’s really built into the grip and folds out like any extra tool. Majority of the multi tool carabiners we’ve noticed before is either fixed to a keychain, lanyard hole or are aftermarket additions.

It functioned vastly as a bottle opener and render it truly susceptible to hook your Crucial to a bag or other bags. If you obtain one of the extra editions of the Crucial the carabiner is renovated with a strap edge or corkscrew attachment relatively.

gerber crucial review


There are two screwdrivers seen on the Gerber Crucial. One is a tiny flathead driver and the additional is a cross driver utilized for Phillip’s head screws. The flathead driver functioned excellent for its size, though we certainly wouldn’t suggest you attempt just very light prying. Our actual case was with the hybrid driver.

Strap Cutter

If you have extra of a preparedness inclined to your EDC the Crucial Black Edition may be the right tool for you. It possesses all the tools on the basic Crucial with the oddity of the carabiner. It restores it with a helpful strap cutter considerable for chopping through seatbelts in an emergency. In comprehensive we discover a bottle opener is more beneficial but for emergency services staff possessing a strap cutter could certainly appear as valuable.


If you were fortunate adequately to obtain one of the insufficient release Crucial Corkscrew versions, we commend your concept. The corkscrew reinstates the carabiner/bottle opener piece on the common Crucial but does put in another stand-alone bottle opener. If a corkscrew is something you love to retain, this version will surely satisfy your desires.



Portable Size

Nice Bottle Opener

Fastened Carabiner

Beneficial Liner locks


Inadequate Wire Cutters

Uneasy Handles

Cross Driver often Slips


Who’s the Gerber Crucial For?

It’s precise for the hiker or outdoorsman who isn’t looking to be burdened. It’s similarly an alternative for people who like to try out a multi tool.


When you examine the Crucial’s good and bad points you turn out with a multi tool that’s sufficient, nothing extra and nothing smaller.

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