What Are Two Hazards of Outdoor Rock Climbing: Safety and Guidelines


Outdoor rock climbing is one of the people’s favorite activities. It is an avenue for some people to face their fears and reach heights they never have before, as well as an opportunity to have fun. Regardless of how daring it is, several people participate in this activity every day – with friends or family.

Knowing how scary rock climbing is, you cannot guarantee the outcomes – it could be good or bad, depending on how intentional you are about safety. Therefore, this article is about to discuss: what are two hazards of outdoor rock climbing? It is paramount that you know the risks involved, especially if you are a beginner. Additionally, you will see a few things that you might need to ensure safety, even with the hazards.

[QUESTION](What are the Two Outdoor Rock Climbing Hazards?)

Rock climbing and bouldering have their dangers, the same way other outdoor sports or activities do. Even though there is a 50-50 chance of survival, you should know what you are up against.

  • Rockfall

One of the hazards common in outdoor climbing is rockfall; it sometimes causes severe injuries, depending on the rock size. For a place you are trying out the activity, there are the chances that loose rocks are lying around, and that could jeopardize your safety. In this situation, you are never forewarned because it happens so fast – you could be lucky to survive the impact or not.

Falling rocks aren’t specific on ascend or descend; thus, it could happen either way. One way to avoid a rockfall that would harm you is to be sensitive to the signs of loose rock. As long as you keep your guard on, you should be fine.

  • Scrapes or Scratches

Another expected hazard of outdoor rock climbing is scrapes and scratches, which is mostly due to gear problems. If you are going rock climbing, it is expected that you pack the right gear and pieces of equipment to ensure your safety. Try not to improvise if you don’t have the necessary things.

For outdoor climbing and bouldering, putting the right set of clothes is also important, so you are not limited in any way. When you do this, you will have the slightest of chances to be bruised or scraped by the rock wall.

Other hazards of outdoor rock climbing are due to problems, like weather, health, etc. Without a doubt, rock climbing is a dangerous sport, and most people are aware of a death or serious injury, as its consequences. Nevertheless, what is important is paying attention to the kind of gear you choose to use.

[QUESTION](What Gear Do You Need for Rock Climbing Safety?)

Below is a couple of things you need, as gear for outdoor climbing.

  • Climbing Shoes

When prioritizing your safety, especially when it comes to climbing, getting the right pair of shoes is beneficial. Not only does climbing shoes allow you to maintain stability, but also provide comfort. It gives you a good balance so that you don’t slide off the rock and get mildly or severely injured.

Investing in the right pair of climbing shoes is dependent on your budget. For instance, you could go for expensive ones, since they have more features to ensure your safety. On the other hand, there are relatively affordable types that will provide most of the qualities you need for a great climbing experience.

  • Helmet

Climbing altitudes means your entire body is involved. You don’t leave one part out, and protect another – you have to protect every part of your body. Although, you may need to invest more on some delicate parts like the head. You wouldn’t want your skull cracked while trying climb and you miss foot; thus, you need a helmet.

Helmets are strong, durable and protective tools that can withstand impact. They make sure the head is always protected, so, in case of an accident, you are safe. Unfortunately, not many people wear a helmet for outdoor climbing; however, for your safety, you should.

  • Harness

Another important gear you need when rock climbing is a harness. If you are intentional about climbing heights, then you should take this piece of equipment as a part of your clothing. The purpose of a wearing a harness is to provide support and enhance attachment of the belay system or rope from the rock to the body.

Interestingly, several brands produce all kinds of harness systems, so you need to be careful about what you buy. A quick tip: go for strong and durable harnesses for your guaranteed safety. Besides, it makes climbing easy and fun.

  • Belay System

For experienced climbers, a belay system may not be much of a big deal, since they could rely on other people’s weight. On the other hand, beginners need this piece of equipment for control. Belaying requires preciseness to ensure safety and manage the physical effort.

This system is safe and dependable to help you catch falls and carry your weight. It is indeed worth investing your money in if you want to avoid common climbing hazards.

  • Chalk Bag

Outdoor climbing doesn’t give you much of an option, so you need to be prepared for whatever comes. In this activity, the pressure is between your hands, weight, and feet. With the weight and feet handled with belay system and climbing shoes, respectively, you need something for your slippery hands. A chalk bag is an effective gear to help reduce moisture build-up around the palms. Once you have the salt on your hands, climbing should become easier, without the fear of slipping.

Other things you will need include Carabiners, Quickdraws, Climbing Ropes, Gear Bag, and so on.


Rock climbing is fun until the dangers make it scary. Luckily, this article on what are two hazards of outdoor rock climbing will help you realize what to avoid and how to stay safe throughout the entire experience. More importantly, it gives you the chance to pack the right gear for the activity.

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