Barricade Fire Blocking Gel Review

Overview Fire hazard is one of the world’s biggest problems; every year, there are different cases of houses and offices going up in flames. Although most of the time, these cases are man-induced. With a recurrent situation like this, it is important to be prepared against this hazard if you are a homeowner. A good … Read more

River Rock Nightfire Lantern Review

Introduction Survivalists, preppers, and outdoor explorers have one thing in common; they must have a wide range of equipment to suit their many activities. If you are a camper or a survivalist, you understand that electricity supply will not get everywhere you go, and you have to provide your lighting. If you are new to … Read more

Clickspring Fire Piston Review

Overview Many times, people talk about getting fire starters without knowing what one looks like. In layman understanding, it sounds like something that makes fire without doing any significant thing at all. Unfortunately, that is not true; fire starters are devices that work using Physics’ principle to make a fire for use. They are perfect … Read more

Surefire lx2 review

Overview SureFire’s Lumamax LX2 LED Flashlight is the newest update to the L2 series of versatile flashlights, which has proven to be extremely effective and influential. It has the same incredible built standard that has kept LED flashlights so prominent, and even some seriously impressive different and innovative characteristics. To begin with, it is designed … Read more

Surefire g2x pro review

Overview For those searching for a small and portable flashlight, the Surefire G2X Pro flashlight is a good option. Thanks to its rugged design and greater productivity, the Surefire G2X Pro can handle whatever you toss at it in the woods or even at home. Its rigid nitrolon polymer body and hard-anodized complete keep it … Read more

SureFire Firepak Review

Introduction The reason why outdoor activities are so popular is that people generally have fun during these expeditions. When you are out camping, fishing, or hiking with your family and friends, you feel happy and want to do it again. During the nighttime, the lighting in your camp may not be bright enough, and you … Read more

Outdoor Element Firebiner Carabiner Review

Overview The Firebiner is surprisingly impressive. It just looks great. This carabiner has qualities even without knowing what the qualities are. It certainly looks like it has more than a regular carabiner, with holes and hooks all around, with an irregular shape. The spark-igniting wheel on a regular carabiner is not something you see. With … Read more