Regular Survival Belt


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Survival StrapsTM Regular Belt

The Regular Survival belt is approximately 1.25 inches wide and it is incredible. They are all business. Each belt contains between 100 and 150 feet of paracord. That amount of paracord can come in extremely handy in a survival situation. In fact, you could probably even make yourself a nice hammock so you would not have to sleep on the ground with the bugs! Our belts do not use a traditional buckle. We use a double d-ring system for tightening. Unlike traditional belt buckles, you can loosen or tighten your belt in any increments you would like, not just every 1 inch. The 3 d-rings could also come in extremely handy in a survival situation. If you do have to use your Survival Belt in an emergency situation, send us your story of how it was used, along with a picture, and we will make you a new one. We can not do it for free, because belts require much more material, but we will make you a new one for half price.

Each belt is hand made and takes several hours to make. You will not find a better crafted piece of outdoor gear. They are also extremely attractive. You can get them in all colors, including 2-tone. However, the tongue of the belt is black. This is the part that secures the belt and allows you to tighten it through the d-rings.

The Regular Survival belt is approximately 1.25 inches wide. These belts are not for the timid. They are large pieces of serious survival gear.

Get the Perfect Size

To get the perfect size for your Survival Straps belt you will want to measure your waist nice and tight with no slack what so ever, and order that size. Going off of your pant size usually results in a belt that will not fit properly. If you are in-between sizes, please round down, as we have an adjustable strap on our belts which will allow for the belt to fit larger.



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