How to Siphon Gas: an Easy & Useful Urban Survival Skill – Guide

In extreme cases of survival or during emergencies, there is a possibility that you will find some things limited or unavailable. Regardless of how important they are, you may not easily find them due to the current situation. At that moment, you are left with going for alternative options, so you don’t remain at the same spot.

Imagine you ran out of gas and without the hope of getting any from a fuel station. Due to the way things are, you would be left with the option of siphoning from another vehicle. As you read this article on how to siphon gas: an easy & useful urban survival skill, you will discover it is worth learning and practicing against widespread emergencies.

However, it is a significant knowledge that should only be used in impossible situations – for good, not for evil.

How to Siphon Gas?

The entire process of siphoning gas from a vehicle is plain Physics. It is quite easy, as long as the necessary steps are taken. Below is a description of the three ways to siphon fuel for survival in an urban setting.

1. Gas Siphon Pump

The safest and easiest way to get fuel out of a vehicle is using a gas siphon pump in conjunction with a receptacle. It allows you to gauge and control the amount of gas you want from a vehicle. There are several siphon pump brands you will find; you should pick one that fits into your budget nicely and does the job well enough.

As you prepare to use a gas siphon pump, you should know that most cars now have an anti-siphon or anti-leak technology. The purpose of this emergency feature is to prevent fires in case of accidents. Unfortunately, the feature affects siphoning gas. However, with the help of a screwdriver, you should bypass the anti-leak system and go ahead with the siphon pump steps.

Step 1: Place the receptacle right beneath the fuel tank.

Step 2: Position the ends of the siphon pump tube into the fuel tank and receptacle properly. If you do not do that, you are likely going to be blowing air into the tank.

Step 3: If the gas siphon pump comes with a plunger, it should be easy to start pumping into the receptacle.

Step 4: Once you are done collecting the gas you need, stop pumping, and withdraw the tube ends.

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2. Air Pressure

Another method you can decide to try out to get fuel out of another vehicle for yours is by adding air pressure to the gas tank. It is not the best method, but it makes a lot of sense to get the fuel you need to start a car. It involves some not-so-simple and not-so-difficult steps; however, you will need a couple of things – a damp cloth, two lengths of 1-inch diameter tubing, and a receptacle, to get started.

Step 1: Since you have two different tube lengths (i.e., the long and short one), you will have to insert the longer into the gas tank. Ensure the tube is submerged into the gas, and blow air into it until you hear bubbles.

Step 2: Now, insert the smaller tube into the longer one. As you do that, there is likely to be space in the tubes, so you use the damp cloth to seal them airtight.

Step 3: While you have the tubes in position, make sure the receptacle is also positioned right beneath the fuel tank.

Step 4: Blow air with your mouth (and not the lungs) via the short tube and wait till you see the flow.

Step 5: As the pressure builds up, gas is forced out of the tube into the receptacle.

Step 6: When you finally have the quantity you want, withdraw the longer tube, and place your thumb over the shorter tube.

Step 7: This method is not the best, but it is much better than the mouth siphon.

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3. Mouth Siphon

The last method, which is undoubtedly unsafe but useful when the other methods are not accessible, is the Mouth Siphon. It is pretty old-fashioned since it requires drawing gas out of a vehicle with the mouth, coupled with tools like a receptacle and a 1-inch diameter tube. It is one of the possible causes of Gas poisoning, so it must be done with caution.

Step 1: Insert one end of the tube into the gas tank, and make sure you listen to bubbles by blowing into it.

Step 2: The other end of the tube goes into the receptacle. However, to aid gravity, the receptacle should be directly beneath the tank.

Step 3: From the outer end of the tube, use your mouth to suck fuel until you see the flow, and then place it right into the receptacle for collection.

Step 4: As you draw out the gas from the tank, make sure you are on the alert. Keep an eye for air bubbles.

Step 5: Once you are done collecting the quantity you want, withdraw the end of the tube in the gas tank – the flow stops automatically.

How to Siphon GHow to Siphon Gas: an Easy & Useful Urban Survival Skillas: an Easy & Useful Urban Survival Skill

How to Fill the Collected Gas into a Car?

This guide is not complete without mentioning how to fill up your fuel tank with the siphoned gas. The process is not a difficult one, as it generally applies to the three methods described above.

You have to get a funnel or design a make-shift funnel to pour the gas from the receptacle into the tank. As soon as you do this, your car should have enough fuel to get you the help you need on the road.

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If you have been stuck for hours on the road because you couldn’t get gas before, then you know the struggle. Reading this article on how to siphon gas: an easy & useful urban survival skill comes with enlightenment. As you intend to try out any of these methods, especially the first, you must proceed with caution.


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