Leatherman Free P4 Review – Complete Overview, Advice & More

One of the USPs of the new Free P4 multi-tool from Leatherman is its one-handed usage. It’s earned that distinctive Leatherman appearance, but presently, with the assistance of little magnets, and particularly designed hinges and bolts, you can throw this open promptly and effortlessly, and retain unexpected use of the inner pliers.

Therefore, assuming, your left hand is in use by carrying something in place or out of the way, there’s no need to pause, you can only beat this off your belt or out of your bag with old-righty and do what’s required right away.

The remainder of the tools are on the surface of the Free P4 and these can furthermore be accessed shortly for rapid use. It’s really also apparent to flip out all of these tools with one hand.

Leatherman Free P4 Review

You’ll like to be thorough doing this with stuff like the smooth and serrated knives, but however, to have that skill is very useful if assert, you’re utilizing one hand to tension something you want to cut quickly.

The difficulty Leatherman designers set out to overcome was to enhance the usage of the brand’s hallmark tool without altering it so much it missed what propelled it so prominent.

And despite its enormous utility, it doesn’t sense like a huge-size multitool. That’s because Leatherman has totally reengineered the way it stores tools into the grips, decreasing overall thickness in the procedure. But fewer size is only a welcome side consequence of Leatherman’s major design purpose of one-handed operation.

And that one-handed operation arrives without qualifiers. It works almost as well in your left hand as it does in your right. You can access all the in-handle tools, opening, closing, locking, and loosening them with comfort. You can shut down the pliers and grips with one hand just as effortlessly as you can unlock them. With a small rehearsal, you can perform all of the above without just staring at the thing.



Size, weight, shape, and carry alternatives combine to deduce multi-tools portability. The Free P4 is pretty normal in extent. For the tasks you get, their importance is normal. The externally-accessed tools imply that the sealed, filch form is slightly uneven around the edges.

The external edge of each piece of equipment is revealed to your pocket. This can rub on the fabric of your pants and obtains coins and other pocket debris. Snipping the tool to the entrance of your pocket, with the comprised clip, greatly deals with this. It furthermore protects it up and in better reach. Eventually, the included sheath is safe and low profile.


The Free designs don’t appear “free.” This is a very costly tool. Its price tag moves toward that of Leatherman’s top of the chain tools, but the equipment and features wane behind those chart-toppers.

As Leatherman amortizes the price of design and expands the line of “Free” tools, we wish the prices to come down and the character set and choices boost.

Leatherman free p4 review


It is in phrases of ergonomics that the Free P4 certainly stands out. The report has it that Leatherman, with its substantial warranty, collects thousands of paid back and well-loved multi-tools every year. They obtain each of these with instructions and recommendations.

Seemingly, in accordance with the similar reports, an incredible mutual plea was that Leatherman not repair relaxed hinges on former, well-used tools. People needed their broken screwdriver mended, or the blade fixed but didn’t need the hinges fastened. Users appreciated the free hinging pivots of broken-in devices.

In acknowledgment of this, also, according to web reports and tales, Leatherman manufactured an entire chain of tools with free-spinning pivots. Presently, resistance in the pivots of a multi-tool protects it closed when not in use. To discourse this, Leatherman protects the Free P4 and others in the line shut down with magnets. All functions as aimed at, and the simple deployment is understood.

Construction Quality

This is a high-end multi-tool in several ways. The substances are proven, but it has similarly been verified that better equipment can be incorporated into a multi-tool. The pivot patience has changed none in our duration of testing. None of the characteristics have encountered any degradation. As a recent product, and one with lovely creative characteristics, we are slightly skeptical of the long-term durability.


  • Smart, stainless steel look.
  • Solid, also compact distinguished from other 21-tool multi-tools.
  • Customizable blade inscribing choice.


One of the further costly Leatherman multi-tools.

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Where is the Leatherman FREE P4 built?

As with all Leatherman tools, the FREE P4 is manufactured and created in the US, by Leatherman in Portland, Oregon. As with other Leatherman products, the FREE P4 is wrapped by their 25-year warranty.

Who Is It For?

Leatherman hasn’t declared that the Free line will reinstate its other multitools, and the firm will possibly proceed to manufacture mega popular models. But there’s now no intention to purchase any of those when the Free offers so much more, at pretty much a similar price.

Should You Buy One?

In our opinion, this is presently the entire series of multitools you should contemplate. The whole point of one of these tools is to offer comfort, versatile utility, and by so largely enhancing the interface.

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The Leatherman Free P4 came with tremendous PR enthusiasm and promising inventions. Surely, the design supersedes decades of specific design restrictions.

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