Leatherman Signal Review – Complete Overview, Advice & More

Contemplating that the Leatherman Signal has an entire nineteen various tools at its reach, you may think it’s a huge piece of kit. That is not the situation. When the blade is hidden, the Signal measures at just 11.43cm in length. That is nearly 8cm smaller than the normal male palm.

It weighs in at just 7.5 ounces rendering it extremely susceptible to keep on your person. It arrives with its personal sheath, but because of its compact design, many prefer to employ the pocket clip for susceptible access.

For those glimpsing for a different tool, there’s also a mixture of colors available. These are just a team of several designs vacant, so you’re confident to discover something that matches your tastes.

Leatherman Signal Review


Apart from existing as a daily carry kind of tool, outdoor lovers also honor holding up a Leatherman in gratitude to the diversity of tasks it can perform, though something was forfeiting from truly enabling it to be a true survival tool. The Leatherman Signal amplifies its game for the outdoor crew with numerous main features.

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Needle Nose Pliers

Prominent to several of Leatherman’s multi-tools is the plier segment. The Signal captions two degrees of its plier design. The needle_nose pliers give excellent maneuverability when dealing with small articles or when you want to use your pliers in limited areas.

Regular Pliers

The second factor of the head accentuates normal sized pliers for dealing with bigger items. The pliers starred on the Leatherman Signal are made of outstanding quality, which is no shock provided they are the brand’s specialization.

Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters

The pliers are where you will discover the ideal wire cutters. These wire cutters effortlessly slash through normal or light gauge wire with the least harm to the tool itself, not that you need to bother about stamina. One of the nicest characteristics of the Signal wire cutters is that they are totally replaceable.

Wire Stripper

Competent of shredding numerous species of wire and measures safely, the Signal wire stripper is found towards the foot of the handle. It folds off securely and can be accessed effortlessly whenever wanted.

420HC Combo Knife

Securely kept away within the fold-out handles lays the stainless steel, 420HC combo knife. With a right edge on one side and serration on the other, it’s a multipurpose blade that doesn’t economize on quality.

Saw Blade

The top quality, open toothed saw is fixed just opposite the combo knife. Identical to the combo knife, the saw is closed up in place by comfortable framing while similarly retaining single-handed accessibility.

Leatherman signal review

Can Opener

The highly permanent can opener is set at the rear of the Signal and is suitable for unwrapping stored goods in forest habitats.

Box Wrench, 15 3/16” Box Wrench

Effortlessly tighten or relax screws and manufactured with these reliable, helpful box wrenches discovered at the rear of the Signal.


This handy pocket clip permits you to affix your Leatherman Signal to your strap loops or belts.

Safety Whistle

Wagering into the forest is a hazardous experiment at the best of times. This safety whistle folds gradually into the body of the Signal.

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  • A vast assortment of equipment at your reach, each competent to accomplish their part adequately.
  • The pliers and saw are very wonderful, both in structure and performance.
  • Replaceable wire cutters authorize for improved longevity, so the involvement is beneficial.
  • Very lightweight and handy, primarily assigned how many purposes it can execute.
  • Separable pieces (ferro rod and sharpener) are permitted for ample maneuverability, so tools do not hinder each other.
  • An assortment of techniques is vacant for disposition.
  • Tough locking shape for both saw and blade promotes security and protection.


  • Some tools are restricted because of their size and may not deliver the outcomes you expect for huger chores.
  • Not all tools are essential for all users. Some characteristics might appear gimmicky and needless, like the bottle opener.

Who’s It For?

We’re strongly avoiding the enticement to give sarcastic statements about people who believe they’re going to require the proficiency to survive on their upcoming camping journey or think putting in some yellow plastic jigger to their multitools will assist them to accomplish that.


The utility and integrity of craftsmanship of Leatherman tools is no shock, as the firm has been devoted to excellence for nearly four decades, and we’ve heartily acquired many of their products over the years.

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  • Amanda Jennings

    Amanda Jennings was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and always enjoyed her youth’s camping trips. Over time, she developed an interest in survival, martial arts, firearms, and survival gear. Even though she was made fun of by other girls at school because of her ‘tomboyish’ ways, it did not bother her. She developed a more substantial interest in survival and became a public speaker on the topic. Amanda receives invitations from museums to speak about the case of survival. She also works at a camping and outdoor store in Calgary and has a strong interest in space and SciFi.