Sig Sauer MPX C 9MM Review


There are some hunters and survivalists who use exclusively when it comes to guns, and they are some that are designated for law enforcement agencies only. However, other rifles manage to sit on the fence. This Sig Sauer MPX C 9MM Sub-Machine Gun is one of such pistols. It comes with multiple unique features, and we have put together a detailed review for you. Enjoy!

Key Features

Pistol-caliber carbine

This submachine gun is a pistol caliber carbine manufactured by Sig Sauer. This gun uniquely combines the best parts of the AR-15 and MP5 rifles. The gun’s operating structure, control location, and charger handle are closely similar to AR-15 models. The gun’s magazine well and collapsible stock are identical to that of MP5 rifles.

Utilizes a lightweight structure

Unlike other heavy-duty pistols, this submachine gun comes in a lightweight structure. This makes it easy for you to pick it up and shoot. It allows for versatility in hunting grounds and real self-defense situations.

Made with a free-floating rail

This pistol sub-machine gun is uniquely designed with an innovative free-floating rail that comes with attachment points. These points are attached to the upper receiver, which allows you to set the rifle up easily. This means you don’t need any extra tools to operate the rail. Once you push the takedown pin, your fence is free, and you can put the gun on or off as you wish.

Made with a full-length Picatinny rail

This pistol is made with an extended Picatinny rail at the top of the rifle. This rail comes with accessory mounting points that allow you to mount your choice of accessories on the fence easily. As long as your optics, red dots, lasers, flashlights can work with standard Picatinny rails, you can attach them to this gun.

Adapted for ambidextrous use

This rifle is uniquely designed with controls that can be operated from both hands. You can lead with either your right or left hand (depending on your stronger preference) when you use this gun.

Utilizes gas for its operating system

This pistol utilizes a gas-operated system. It is a short-stroke piston system designed to allow an auto-regulating gas valve to launch different types of projectiles without any problems. This means that your gun’s shooting capacity is far more than that of an average rifle


Brand name: Sig Sauer

Color: Black


Lightweight; easy to carry and use

Although it is still strong and durable, this rifle is uniquely designed with a more petite frame and a lighter structure. You can easily carry it around with you on the range and use it. Law enforcement agents favor this sub-machine gun because of its lightweight construction, among other things.

Made for durability

This rifle is made with metal and other high-quality materials. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble. This allows for durability because you can easily clean and oil all the moving parts of the gun. If you want a potent weapon that will last for a long time, then you should consider buying this product.

Allows for multiple accessories

This gun comes with a Picatinny rail that allows you to use any shooting accessory you want. You easily attach your flashlight, red dots, lasers, or anything else to this gun. Ultimately, this rifle is designed to allow you to shoot better.

Built to fire rapidly

This gun is uniquely built to fire rapidly. It is designed as a sub-machine gun, and it fires multiple magazine rounds per minute. Law enforcement agencies and individuals with self-defense licenses will enjoy using this gun.

Easy to set up and operate

This gun is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can quickly put it together and use it whenever you want. It comes in a hard case, and it is ready for use.


The trigger might be hard to pull

This gun’s drawback is the trigger. After you have used it for a while, it starts to get heavy and stuck. If you want to buy the gun, you might have to replace the trigger system.


As a survivalist, having a sub-machine might be considered extreme. However, if you are preparing for worst-case scenarios, you might as well go all out. If you are convinced that you want o to have this kind of powerful gun in your storage, we advise that you go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!

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