5.11 Hard Case Tsa Bug Out Ar15 Review


Spending money on firearms and new toys seem pretty easy for many people. Understandably, most people want to protect themselves when there is danger; however, real protection could be lacking. Having a great weapon is impressive until it comes to storage – gun cases are not always its best.

Some gun cases are not travel-friendly; neither are they great to take to the range; therefore, it is important to reconsider and weigh options. In this 5.11 hard case tsa bug out ar15 review, you would be looking at one of the best tactical cases that would change your life. It would not only safeguard a rifle and its accessories but also prove that it could be taken anywhere and anytime.

5.11 Hard Case Tsa Bug Out Ar15

  • Description

One look at the 5.11 hard case tsa bug out ar15 rifle case, you would agree that it is well-constructed with the right material and features. It is also engineered for excellent durability so that it survives any harsh weather condition. Further, the gun case has a footprint and lightweight body that makes it perfectly space-saving for easy mobility in impossible terrains.

Most professional survivalists, hunters, or even military men who are quite good rifles often need this bag, since it provides everything they need for storage.

  • Features

Below are the features of this incredible gun case for use.

Heavy-duty waterproof material: The case can hold an ar15 rifle that is up to 34.8” long and a semi-auto pistol due to its high-strength polypropylene co-polymer resins, which is dust-, crush-, and water-proof.

Pre-cut foam: It has a custom foam that is closed-cell and up to standard (Mil-Spec’s). On the inside, the two removable foam inserts are 1.75” and 0.5” thick. Hence, it makes sure the rifle rests well.

Built-in accessory pocket: It also has a waterproof pocket that can be used to hold loose gear, such as ammunition, flashlight, lasers, etc.

Silica Gel Canister: This bug-out case has reusable moisture removing silica gel canister that has a built-in viewing window. It helps mainly in protecting and preventing gun rust.

Stainless Steel Padlock: For tightened security, the case has a stainless-steel padlock.

Edge Wheels/Orange Peel/Structural Ribs: Moving along bad terrains is made easy with the help of the built-in edge wheels. The orange peel provides scratch-resistance, while the structural ribs enhance durability.

3 Folding Handles: The handles make it easy for carriage. It even has wide-bodied snap latches that are gloves-friendly.

O-ring Gasket: Keeping the rifle case waterproof and dustproof is only possible with the o-ring gasket.

Built-in Pressure Release System: The feature helps to detect pressure at different altitudes.

  • Pros

Constructed for excellent durability

Resistant to impacts, water, scratch, and dust

Comes with a razor blade to accommodate rifle setup

Organized and user-friendly

Sturdy design for mobility under harsh weather and difficult terrains

It has several storages for the rifle and other accessories

Prevents against gun rust

  • Cons

The locks are not so perfect

Buying Guide Questions

Below you will find some of the questions that are quite vital to understand the usefulness of this gun case for ultimate protection of ar15 rifle.

Why is it Worth It?

Every gun case is worth it. You cannot be interested in buying an Ar15 rifle only for it to lack proper storage and protection; thus, you need this rifle case. Based on its design and construction, it is sturdy, travel-friendly, and offers excellent storage for the rifle, and other small accessories like ammunition, flashlights, lasers, etc. It is indeed a worthy investment if you have one.

Can the Hinge Pins Be Knocked Out?

For a 5.11 hard case tsa bug out ar15 case like this, do not expect that the hinge pins and latch pins to be easily knocked out when it is closed – a lot of time and tools would be needed.

Can it Hold an AR15 Rifle with 18” Barrel

This rifle case is only designed to hold as much as 16” inch barrel.

What are the Dimensions of this Gun Case?

The exterior case dimensions are 40.0 x 16 x 5.50 inches.


With a 5.11 hard case tsa bug out ar15 review like this, you should reconsider getting the best investment for your rifle. Maximize this rifle case’s storage potentials, and see what it can do for you.