Glock 42 Model G42 Review – Complete Guide, Tips & More

Sometimes, self-defense requires relying on more than physical skills to survive; you could decide to use weapons depending on the gravity of the situation. At some point, knives were the real deal because it is an important survival tool for performing different tasks. Recently, pistols were introduced for those who cannot handle survival knives for self-defense; with good practice, it is much easier to hold them than the former.

Having a pistol is incredible, but it requires close supervision and storage against accidental discharge. If you opt-in for a pistol, what you should make sure to do is buy from a reliable source and also a license to carry. Here, you’ll be looking at a perfect self-defense pistol with concealed carry; in this Glock 42 Model G42 review, there should be one or two things to learn.

Glock 42 Model G42


Glock is one of the oldest brands in the pistol business; however, it didn’t introduce anything new on the market for about 2 decades. Glock 42 is one of the brand’s popular choices, perfect for hiking, camping, and anything outdoor. It is also a Semi-auto pistol with an ideal concealed carry and various outstanding features for good discharge towards a target.


The Glock 42 Model G42 is a .380 pistol ACP, making it a miniature handgun but more extensive than ultra-compact .380 pistols. Check out some of the gun’s features below.

Gun Construction

Glock 42 with its .380 Automatic Colt Pistol Gauge uses a locked-breech barrel and is operated on short recoils for easy discharge. The gun is coated with a Black Finish and a Black Polymer Grip/Frame color for an attractive appearance and enhanced durability. It is also constructed with a dual Safe-Action trigger system against accidental discharge.


This miniature Glock comes with either of two technologies – Gen4 ad Gen5. They determine whether a gun needs a medium or large backstrap.

Round Capacity

This carry-gun delivers 6 rounds with an extra round, following a 24N Trigger Pull.

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Weight: 15.87 Oz. (with mag); 12.17 Oz. (without mag); 13.76 (with empty mag).

Barrel Length: 3.25 ins.

Trigger Distance: 2.40 ins.

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Pros and Cons


  • Reliable and Durable
  • Integrates safety features like the Safe Action System against accidental discharge
  • Easy to shoot
  • Small and Lightweight
  • An ideal choice for outdoorsy
  • It comes with an ultra-compact design


It isn’t a burden for activities but needs to be kept away from kids

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The Glock 42 may look too good to be true, which is why there are some questions yet unanswered. Below is a list of some of those questions.

Why Do I Need the Glock 42 Model G42?

The Glock 42 is one of the smallest yet functional handguns you will find anywhere. The brand is quite old, but it doesn’t change the idea that their guns are quite a classic, especially for outdoor purposes and self-defense. If you would like to participate in mountaineering, hiking, camping, backpacking, etc., and you don’t want a weighty carry gun, the Model G42 is an outstanding choice.

Who are Those Allowed to Use this Carry Gun?

Before you buy a firearm, you must be sure that you need a particular reason; if not, no one will sell or give you a license. Outdoor enthusiasts and people concerned about their safety are allowed to use this carry gun, but there needs to be a form of licensing before it can be lawfully used. The reason why certain protocols must be followed is to protect the user and also prevent unlawful discharge.

Can I Carry the Glock 42 Every day?

Glock 42 Model G42 is a Carry Gun with concealed carry; hence, it means you can have it strapped on you all day. However, it would be best if you considered having this gun on you when you desperately need it for the activity you are involved in. It is an excellent choice of a handgun with incredible safety features but dangerous in the wrong hands.

Glock 42 Model G42 Review


In the Glock 42 Model G42 review, you can see how this handgun makes so much different compared to other models available. Moreover, it emphasizes the gun being an easy-to-shoot type perfect for several outdoor activities; hence, it is a money-worthy choice for outdoor enthusiasts.