Crovel Elite Tool Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

Do you need an incredible multitool on your next survival adventure? Many options are available, from knives to axes and many more; the Crovel Elite Tool seems like one of the bests to choose from. Crovel tool is a combination of Crowbar and Shovel; thus, you can only expect this tool to perform in two different ways.

Crovel is an amazing choice of bugout tool for backpacking enthusiasts, as it combines performance and comfort. It is perfect for prying, lifting, and even building a cabin. With so much hype about the gear, the Crovel Elite Tool review is one shot to understanding what you need for backpacking.

Crovel Extreme III Survival Tool


Crovel Elite Tool has older versions that display similar performance – the Extreme II and III Survival Tool. However, Extreme III is the most popular, which is why it is considered here. It is a military survival tool designed as an all-in-one; it is perfect for shoveling, hammering, prying, digging, bush clearing, tree felling, and breaking glass.

It is also an emergency tool that can be kept in a trunk, so it could be used anywhere and anytime. One of the significant attributes of this USA-made e-tool is that it eliminates weight and guarantees versatility.



The Extreme III Survival Tool has a perfect 440 stainless-steel shovelhead that guarantees strength and durability. It also comes with an inbuilt saw, ax, wrench, hoe, blade, compass, whistle, fire starter, hammer, pry bar, and screwdriver; thus, it is an indispensable multitool.


The heavy-duty performance of this survival tool is due to the 12-inch hollow steel handle. This feature contributes to its lightweight feel whenever you are trying to get any work done. It further has a shaft that provides anchorage for the paracord.


With the head and the handle having impressive qualities and construction, it is only ideal that the edge stays at its best. The tool’s edge is strong and sharp, making it perfect for chopping, cutting, slashing, sawing, and many more.


The e-tool uses a 2.5-inch detent pin with a spring-loaded ball bearing to enhance the easy transition between the four locking angles of the shovelhead over 180.

Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Dimensions: 21 x 6 x 4 ins

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Pros and Cons


  • It is an incredible multitool for digging, bush clearing, tree felling, firewood processing, prying open doors, breaking glass, etc.
  • The ideal choice for Doomsday Preppers
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Excellent Versatility


  • The detent pin is not always reliable

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Crovel Elite Tool always has a thing for raising questions because of its multitool design. Check out the often-asked questions about the Extreme III Survival Tool below.

Who Needs Crovel Elite Tool?

Crovel Elite Tool exceeds all expectations being a multitool that can serve several purposes without losing its qualities. The brand makes sure users get the best out of it, with its top-notch flexibility and excellent versatility.

Crovel Extreme III Survival Tool is a much better model designed for avid preppers and outdoor enthusiasts. The e-tool features different outdoor tools, such as ax, hammer, saw, pry bar, etc., so you don’t have to spend too much on survival equipment. In short, if you have this gear, you wouldn’t be so worried about settling in a bugout location.

Where Do You Keep the Elite Tool?

Following the Crovel tool’s design, i.e., a Crowbar and Shovelhead, you might experience a little difficulty in storage and protection. However, it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you are going on an adventure with your car; you could always keep it in the trunk.

After you are through with this survival tool, you should keep it in a secured location. The reason is that you wouldn’t want it falling into the wrong hands or causing hazards.

Is Having a Crovel at Home Good?

A Crovel is a perfect glass breaker amongst other things; therefore, it would be suitable if you have some heavy-duty tasks at home. Moreover, there is no rule saying the survival tool can only be used outdoors.

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Crovel Elite Tool ReviewConclusion

If there is anything you’ve learned from this Crovel Elite Tool review, it is that a multitool can save you money, time, and effort. The Crovel Extreme III Survival Tool is indeed an interesting choice to use.


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