Magpul Pmag 27 Gl9 27 Round Glock Magazine Review – Complete Overview

If you own a gun, you would know that the magazine is one of the most important parts. The magazine is responsible for holding the rounds in your gun and feeding them to your barrel chamber. If you are using a defective magazine or not perfectly suited to your sidearm or rifle, you will not be able to take the perfect shots.

There are different types of sidearms and handguns on the market. If you happen to own a subcompact, compact, or full-size double-stack Glock 9mm handgun and you are looking for the perfect magazine to go with it; then you should consider getting this product manufactured Magpul.

This magazine has many amazing features, and we have outlined the key ones in this article. Enjoy!

Magpul Pmag 27 Gl9 27 Round Glock Magazine Review


Compatible With 9MM Double-Stack Glock Handguns

If you want to buy this magazine, make sure you are using a 9millimeter double-stack Glock handgun. The wonderful thing is that this magazine is compatible with the different variants of this Glock. If your Glock handgun is compact, sub-compact, or full size, then this magazine will serve your purpose.

Magazine Indicator

When your magazine has an indicator, you can easily know how many rounds you have left and plan your shots accordingly. The indicator on this magazine windows on both sides of the body as your rounds reduce. They indicate when you have 10, 15, 20, and 27 rounds left.

Designed to Drop Free

Most magazines will drop free when they are unloaded. However, this magazine is uniquely designed to drop free, whether it is loaded or unloaded. It won’t hang on its way out, and you don’t have to remove it manually.

Dot Matrix Panel

This gl9 27 round Glock magazine is designed with a dot-matrix panel that allows you to easily mark and identify the magazine.

Polymer and Stainless Steel

The spring of this magazine is made from stainless steel, allowing for a better mechanical movement of the magazine. However, the magazine’s major parts are made with stiff polymer, which gives the magazine a lightweight structure.

Floor Plate

The floor plate of this magazine is uniquely designed, and it serves multiple purposes. The ridged edges of the floor plate allow for better grip within the handgun. Also, the floorplate is easily removable, and it can be cleaned periodically.


When you buy this magazine, you can be sure of the quality and durability. This product is made in the USA.


Brand name: Magpul

Capacity: 27 rounds

Caliber: 9mm luger

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Pros and Cons


Smooth and Reliable Performance

This magazine is uniquely built to allow for smooth and reliable performance. It loads, drops, and also indicates the number of rounds you have left at the right time. If you use this magazine with your handgun, you are not going to have any complaints.

Durable Magazine

This magazine is made with high-quality materials, and it is uniquely built to serve you for a long time. It is also designed to resist corrosion and wear.

Easy to Use

All the features of this magazine are tailored towards your convenience. This magazine is easy to use, and it solves some problems automatically. You can easily see how many rounds you have left, and you can drop it, whether it is loaded or not.

Affordable Price

If you are looking for a magazine that will give more rewarding features at a cost-effective price, then this is the perfect product for you.


Compatible With Specific Guns

The Magpul PMAG gl9 27 Round Glock Magazine is only compatible with double-stack Glock 9mm handgun variants. If you purchase or possess other types of guns, you would have to buy compatible magazines.

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Magpul Pmag 27 Gl9 27 Round Glock Magazine ReviewConclusion

There are different unique parts and accessories in a handgun, and one of the more important ones is the magazine. If you use a double-stack 9mm Glock handgun, then this article has shown you the best magazine to go with this equipment.

This magazine has many amazing features as we have listed above and we think it will be a very good fit for you. The only thing left for you to do is purchase this product. You can be sure you won’t regret it. Cheers!

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