Olight Pl Mini 2 Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

If you are a survivalist, law enforcement officer or outdoor explorer, you would understand the importance of having a gun. Guns are meant for protection, and if you are in a relatively unsafe place, you should have adequate gear to protect yourself. Even though you might have a gun, you might not be able to use it at night because you can’t see what you want to shoot.

If you are carrying an ordinary flashlight on one hand and your gun, on the other hand, you will not be coordinated, and this will inevitably lead to you making mistakes. The best way to use your gun at night is to buy a pistol light. When you buy an adequate pistol light, you don’t have to worry about shooting in the dark again.

Olight Pl Mini 2 Review

If you want to buy a pistol light and look for a product uniquely designed with multiple amazing features, check out this OLIGHT PL Mini 2 flashlight. This flashlight is made to serve every kind of pistol, and we have taken the time to review the product in detail. Enjoy!

Olight PL Mini 2 Review

Key Features

Compact Pistol Light

If you want a pistol light that you can easily hide and carry, this is the perfect product. This pistol is slim, durable, and is designed for concealed transport.

Designed With a Maximum Output of 600 Lumens

This pistol light gives off the brightness of up to 600 lumens, covering up to 109 yards of throw. You can easily sight your targets and shoot with this bright pistol light

Designed With an Adaptive Quick-Release Mount

This pistol light is uniquely made to fit most pistol designs. It comes with a sliding quick detachable adaptive mount that allows the light to move back and forth, making it compatible with any pistol with a standard Picatinny accessory rail. It works with Glock, Smith Wesson, Taurus, Springfield, full-size handguns, compact guns, and sub-compact pistols.

Designed With an Ambidextrous Switch

Most lights are designed with only the right-hand user in mind; however, this product is designed with switches on both sides of the light. This allows both right and left-hand users to turn the light on with maximum convenience.

Designed With Built-in Magnetic Charging

This light has a unique charging system that makes it easy for you to recharge it on the handgun. The package comes with a magnetic charging cable, and the charging status indicator will show you when it is in use.

Comes With Multiple Accessories

This package comes with multiple accessories like the Picatinny rail mount, T6/T8 socket head wrench, magnetic charging cable, and lumen tactical cable organizer.

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Brand name: OLIGHT

Weight: 2.57 ounces

Color: Black

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Perfect for Locating Target Objects

If you are a shooter looking to locate objects in the dark, this light is perfect. This light emits up to 600 lumens, and it covers up to 109 yards. Although this a very far range, some shooters might want more.

Made for Durability: Impact-Resistant

This light is uniquely constructed with aluminum alloy, and that makes it impact resistant. If you are looking for a pistol light that will last for a long time, then this product is perfect for you.

Weatherproof; Designed for All Weather Conditions

This pistol light is uniquely built for all weather conditions. You can use it regardless of snow or rain, and it will serve you efficiently and without damage.

Designed for Comfort and Easy Usage

This pistol light is designed for comfort. If you are left-handed and want to switch it on in the dark, you don’t have to go looking for the switch because it comes with a dual switch on both sides, which is made for ambidextrous purposes.


It is not suitable for long-range shooting

This light covers up to 109 yards. However, long-range shooters might want a light with a farther range.


Outdoor gear might seem like a lot, but every one of them is essential. When you have a pistol light along with your pistol, you know that you can use your gun conveniently at night.

Therefore, you should get a pistol light designed with multiple unique features and make for durability. In this review, we have shown you one of the best pistol lights on the market. If you want to buy this product, we advise that you go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!

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