CRKT Redemption Knife Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

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Schrade Schf37 Knife Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

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Parry Blade Survival Knife Review – Complete Guide, Advice & More

The unique collaboration between Mel Parry and Scorpion Knives gave rise to the Parry Blade, and it is practically the ultimate knife for survival or war. The Parry Blade is an actual fighting survival knife designed and manufactured with efficiency and practicality in mind. It was born out of a simple conviction, a thoroughbred between … Read more

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review – Complete Overview

Fallkniven is a corporation that manufactures beautifully usable knives.  They don’t create numerous blades, but each technique propels the thresholds of the patterns they work in.  High-end steels and hard rasps result in outstanding accomplishment, concocting something as outwardly modest as a camp knife or an allotted blade hunting knife functions on degrees you didn’t … Read more

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