What are Paracord Bracelets? How Much Paracord Do I Need?


Being a survivalist, backpacker, or camper comes with its perks; you are expected to be prepared for anything, starting from your choice of gear. Sometimes, you do not have to pack everything you think you will need – the basic stuff is only important. Out of all the items you will need, a paracord bracelet is one for you to greatly consider, as it plays a massive role in survival.

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[QUESTION](What are Paracord Bracelets?)

Like a piece of jewelry worn on the wrist, paracord bracelets are crafted to provide all the help needed in emergencies. The bracelet woven out of a cord is quite fashionable; however, it uses its features to turn situations to advantage. More importantly, the survival tool is weightless, i.e., easy to carry, strong, and useful.

If you are wondering what choice of a cord is used to make paracord bracelets; a strong and versatile cord like a “550 Parachute Cord” is ideal. These qualities are not the only things that make it suitable, but also the number of strands, and yarns for effective performance.

[QUESTION](What are Paracord Bracelets Used For?)

What is having a paracord bracelet as part of your survival gear, without knowing its usefulness in various ways? When you see this bracelet, all you should think of is how effective it will be in doing the things you want – the length is crucial in its usage.

The following are uses of a paracord bracelet:

  1. Shelter

Having a paracord bracelet with you on a journey guarantees the fact that shelter is settled. With the cord, you can set up a shelter anywhere in the wilderness; thus, it is a perfect alternative for tents or sleeping bags. In making a shelter, you need the core of the cord to make a strap and a hook. When you are done, you can reclaim your cord and return to its original form.

  1. Traps and Snares

For your safety or hunt, paracord bracelets are perfect for making traps and snares. Most of the time, you need the core to perform this function. Indeed, with a paracord, you don’t have to worry about wild animals attacking your camp or intruders getting into territory.

  1. Fire

One of the fun things to do with a paracord bracelet is to make a fire when you need one. Its an easy process but you need to be careful while you do that. These cords have been designed into a bow-and-drill form. Thus, the traction between the bowstring and the drill causes the fire. You would also have to get dry leaves to hold fire in position.

  1. Belt

In emergencies where you cannot afford to get accessories like belts or boot laces, you may need to improvise. Sometimes, the inconveniences during a survival trip could be frustrating. For instance, if you are in dire need of a belt, you may not get the chance to go back to get one – a paracord bracelet would come in handy. With the cord, you could make do of something to hold pants.

  1. Tourniquet

If you are conversant with how paracords work, you will discover their importance in first aid. Most of the time, they do not present themselves as paracords – only cords. However, during a survival trip, you might find them useful in making bandages and tourniquets. Therefore, if you ever get injured or bruised, these cords can be used to stabilize you until proper medical help is found.

Other incredible uses of paracord bracelets include making a fishing line, mending a gear, building archery tools, i.e., bow and arrows, etc.

[QUESTION](How Much Paracord Do I Need?)

In this paracord guide, knowing how much you need for different uses is also very consequential. Before this, you understand that the more the length of a cord, the better it is; thus, the solution to every situation is dependent on how much the bracelet can offer.

  1. For Survival

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a paracord is survival. It doesn’t matter the situation – every day is for survival. However, there is a certain amount of cord considerable for survival. In this case, a 250 ft. cord is appropriate. Preventing entanglements is important as you find a survival cord; thus, you need a spool.

  1. For Bracelets

As you understand the essence of this article is to learn more about paracord bracelets; hence, you should know how much is considered good for them. A scenario you don’t ever want happening is a cord getting exhausted without serving its purpose. Now, if you are thinking of owning a paracord bracelet, you may as well get what would be enough. In this case, the Cobra Weave guides how much you need, i.e., one-inch bracelet = one-foot paracord.

  1. Handle Wraps

Another situation is making use of paracords for handle wraps to ensure an ergonomic grip. Now, it isn’t easy to put a mark on how much you need since there are different sizes of knife handles, especially. However, the West Country Whipping Rule could be a solution – 1″ handle diameter = 40″ of paracord.

  1. For Belts

As mentioned earlier, paracords are perfect in weaving belts for use. Unfortunately, belts take as many cords than those for bracelets. Depending on your waist size, you need them to be longer, and wider. On average, you need about 100ft. of paracord for a belt.

  1. For Other Purposes

On other grounds, you need different amounts of cord for different purposes. Usually, getting a standard size/length of a paracord is appropriate; however, if you ever need more, it shouldn’t be difficult to fix.


For “What are paracord bracelets? How much paracord do I need?” questions you have asked, this article has provided the answers you seek. It is safe to agree that paracord bracelets are essential in survival, as they come in handy in several unimaginable ways.