USCCA Review – Complete Overview, Guidelines & Other Information

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) offers firearm users a series of advantages, one of the most important of these is is insurance coverage and defense attorney assistance. If you’re on your land or utilizing visible or hidden hold on government land, USCCA insurance covers self-defense cases involving firearms or any other weapons. The … Read more

Survival Gun the Ruger Alaskan Review – In-Depth Overview

This is a rifle that you would use for hunting in some of the harshest conditions available. What really makes this rifle great is the non-rotating Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor. The ruger Alaskan weighs eight pounds and has an overall length of 42 inches, a matte stainless finish, a windage-adjustable shallow V-notch rear sight, … Read more

Smith and Wesson Governor Pistol Review – Complete Overview

Personal safety is important for everybody, and it is even more important for outdoor explorers and survivalists. If you are the kind of person that is always on the move, you are more likely to come across attackers. You would need to be always prepared, and you might not always have the time. If the … Read more

Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard Backup Review – Complete Overview

One thing you learn as a survivalist is that you can never be too prepared. Survivalists are experts at preparing for unfavorable future circumstances, and that means they try to cover all their bases both within and outside their homes. Most survivalists carry guns, and that is okay. However, something might happen to your gun … Read more

Kel Tec Ksg Shotgun Review – Full Overview, Tips & More

If you’re conversant with Kel Tec as an organization, you realize that they manufacture weapons with a sleek, futuristic look, that are always ready in low supply and difficult to get your hands on. The KSG is Kel Tec’s initial invasion into the shotgun market. As a matter of fact, the gun is so crucial … Read more

Henry 410 Lever-Action Shotgun Review – Complete Overview

The Henry lever-action shotgun may assume the role of personal defense very well. This firearm has a little backlash, making it perfect for also the shortest shooters in the home. Out of the slug bullets, this Henry firearm packed with “000” Buck or.410 Hornady Critical Defense bullets will be destructive to any unwelcome guest with … Read more

How Do Stun Guns Work – Complete Overview, Advice and More

Every day, there are reports of people getting attacked and mugged off their valuables. While this issue has led to the loss of lives, practicing self-defense has been of utmost importance. For some, learning martial arts for defense has been helpful; for others, it is getting a self-defense weapon like a stun gun. Stun Guns … Read more

Sig Sauer P227 Nitron Pistol Gun Review – Complete Overview

When we want to buy a product, we mainly ascertain the quality of that product by the caliber of people that utilize it. Suppose you subscribe to this point of view, then what better pistol to buy than the one used by security agencies in the United States of America. This P227 Nitron Pistol belongs … Read more