Kel Tec Ksg Shotgun Review – Full Overview, Tips & More

If you’re conversant with Kel Tec as an organization, you realize that they manufacture weapons with a sleek, futuristic look, that are always ready in low supply and difficult to get your hands on. The KSG is Kel Tec’s initial invasion into the shotgun market. As a matter of fact, the gun is so crucial … Read more

Henry 410 Lever-Action Shotgun Review – Complete Overview

The Henry lever-action shotgun may assume the role of personal defense very well. This firearm has a little backlash, making it perfect for also the shortest shooters in the home. Out of the slug bullets, this Henry firearm packed with “000” Buck or.410 Hornady Critical Defense bullets will be destructive to any unwelcome guest with … Read more

Windham Weaponry R16ftt 9mm Carbine Review – Pros & Cons and More

Windham Weaponry’s new 9 mm GMC pistol-caliber carbine exemplifies both the fun and utility that PCC platforms have to offer. Thanks to the bolt hold-open feature, it handles and operates just like a rifle-caliber AR platform while costing less to operate than larger caliber models. When loaded properly, this carbine is also an ideal home … Read more

1887 T Model Lever Action 12-gauge Shotgun Review – Complete Overview

For ultimate survival, you might need firearms or weapons to get through each day. One of the many options available to every survivalist and even hunter is the 1887 T Model Lever Action 12-Guage Shotgun. It is a repeating shotgun produced by Chiappa Firearms. In this review, you would be looking at the description, specifications, … Read more

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While comparing the S&W 15 22 and Ruger 10 22, we look at both firearms; their features, descriptions, pros, and cons. For the S&W 15 22, the lower receiver consists of what you would normally find in an M&P 15, and the upper receiver is made up of the barrel, the charging handle, and the … Read more

Magpul PMAG D 60 Drum Magazine AR M4 MAG576 Review – Full Guide

When it comes to guns and hunting accessories, there are multiple factors you have to consider. One of the most important factors is the magazine. Magazines hold the rounds, and they are ultimately responsible for how many shots a ranger can take at a particular time. This means that the higher the capacity round of … Read more

Magpul Pmag 27 Gl9 27 Round Glock Magazine Review – Complete Overview

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Glock 42 Model G42 Review – Complete Guide, Tips & More

Sometimes, self-defense requires relying on more than physical skills to survive; you could decide to use weapons depending on the gravity of the situation. At some point, knives were the real deal because it is an important survival tool for performing different tasks. Recently, pistols were introduced for those who cannot handle survival knives for … Read more

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