Fallkniven A2 Review – Complete Guide, Tips & More

When you are actually far from populated regions, you need to be skilled to depend on your tool; some things simply have to help, despite everything. The Fallkniven A2 is a representation of a knife of severe stability that will never disappoint you, a knife that can stand out under tremendous pressure. The purpose for its … Read more

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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review – Complete Overview

Fallkniven is a corporation that manufactures beautifully usable knives.  They don’t create numerous blades, but each technique propels the thresholds of the patterns they work in.  High-end steels and hard rasps result in outstanding accomplishment, concocting something as outwardly modest as a camp knife or an allotted blade hunting knife functions on degrees you didn’t … Read more

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Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) designed the MK214 Combat Rifle specifically as a ‘developed area platform for the authorized rifleman.’ This rifle stands out as potentially the ultimate medium-range endurance combat weapon. Combining the precision and robust construction of a 7.62x51mm AR rifle with the internal long-stroke piston mechanism’s durability, reminiscent of the AK47, the MK214 … Read more

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Kershaw OSO Sweet Pocket Knife Survival Knife Model 1830 Review – Guide

This is certainly one confectionary small pocketknife. The Oso Sweet spotlights a particular drop-point blade that provides you full workaday utility, at the same time, this knife has a ton of style and features that will get it and you noticed. Firstly, the Oso Sweet unlocks one-handed with Speed Safe assisted opening. Just pull back … Read more