Kershaw oso sweet pocket knife survival knife model 1830 review.

Overview This is certainly one confectionary small pocketknife. The Oso Sweet spotlights a particular drop-point blade that provides you full workaday utility, at the same time, this knife has ton of style and features that will get it and you noticed. Firstly, the Oso Sweet unlocks one-handed with Speed Safe assisted opening. Just pull back on … Read more

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Review

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Kel Tec Rfb Bullpup Rifle Review

Overview Weapons are essential for survival; you only need to pick the right one. Without weapons, there is no way you will be protecting yourself against dangers that lurk around. Most survivalists understand this, which is why they pack knives, rifles, firearms, etc., on an adventure. If you have survival knives, that’s a good thing; … Read more

Remington Tac 14 Shotgun Model 870 Review

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CRKT Redemption Knife Review

Overview If you aren’t aware of this, then here is an opportunity to be informed – not all knives are built for the same tasks. Sometimes, you will find a set perfect for slicing and cutting; at other times, there are those great for chopping and slashing. Before you choose a survival knife, ensure it … Read more

1887 T Model Lever Action 12-Gauge Shotgun Review

Overview For ultimate survival, you might need firearms or weapons to get through each day. One of the many options available to every survivalist and even hunters is the 1887 T Model Lever Action 12-Guage Shotgun. It is a repeating shotgun produced by Chiappa Firearms. In this review, you would be looking at the description, … Read more

Kel tec ksg shotgun Review

Overview If you’re conversant with Kel Tec as an organisation, you realize that they manufacture weapons with a sleek, futuristic look, that are always ready in low supply and difficult to get your hands on. The KSG is Kel Tec’s initial invasion into the shotgun market. As a matter of fact, the gun is so … Read more

CRKT Chogan T Hawk Tomahawk River Knife Tool Review

Overview A bugout camp is incomplete without some right piece of gears for the day. First, you are advised to have a survival knife for menial, and tough-duty jobs; then, you will need something extra for more heavy-duty work. In this case, you shouldn’t forget to take an axe along. From general knowledge on what … Read more

Holosun 510c gr elite rifle scope review.

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Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope Review

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